The Smash Bros. week

A crazy week has just ended on Super Smash Bros. Brawl's Dojo! For those of you who are following the game's evolution since its beginning on this website, the updates have been really good. Monday, many old stages from Smash Melee were confirmed (part 2), like Yoshi's Island and Onett. Tuesday, the Multi-Man Brawl mode has been confirmed with online and cooperation - the goal is to eliminate as much alloy fighters as you can. (continued)

For the wednesday update, We will redirect you here. It is the Olimar + Pikmin music double update. Thursday, Solid Snake's Final Smash has been revealed ; he quits the stage on a helicopter and uses a grenade launcher to shoot down opponents from a distance up to twelve rounds or until the timer runs out. Friday, we had a first glimpse of Olimar's special moves, who can dig and undig Pikmins to do massive damage. What a curious (and strategic) character!

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