Top five unannounced sequels that would look amazing with CryEngine 3

I always wondered how a certain game would look like if it used a different tech or game engine. In an age where Epic dominates the engine licensing market with its own middleware game engine Unreal engine 3, Crytek's game engine Cryengine 3 is offering a genuine alternative solution for developers, but sadly it's underused.

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WeskerChildReborned1993d ago

Imagine if COD had Cryengine 3.

hardcore19121993d ago

haha, won't happen this gen maybe next gen.

WeskerChildReborned1993d ago

It would be a big improvement though.

TekoIie1985d ago

Isnt Crytek owned by EA? I doupt they would want to have anything to do with COD's success : /

sllshrm1993d ago

Since alan wake is all about lightning effects, I think it will benefit more from frostbite 2.
But I dont think EA will give licenses to other devs/publishers.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr31993d ago

Crackdown 3 will be using Cry Engine 3. You heard it here first.