Will the XBLA Indie Marketplace Implode with the Release of Minecraft?

In 3 short (or incredibly long depending on perspective) days Minecraft will finally launch on the Xbox 360. This has been a long-anticipated event for many Xbox owners and Minecraft players alike. However, in the interim while people waited for the coming day when they could finally play the open-world sandbox on their favorite console, many indie developers stepped up to try and fill the void. Say what you will about whether these were legitimate attempts at making unique games in the same genre, or simple cash-cow “rip-offs” the fact remains that the most popular and highest grossing indie games of recent months have been Minecraft-inspired. So what happens when Minecraft finally launches in all it’s original glory on Wednesday, May 9th?

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blinkingfast1993d ago

i think it will.. how will that effect the rest of gaming is a good question

Convas1993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

Maybe now OP, Indie makers will realize the Minecraft bubble has burst and it's time to get to creating some unique IPs once again.

Anticipation for Minecraft 360 Edition is massive. It's got hundreds of thousands of ratings on Marketplace AND IT HASN'T EVEN LAUNCHED YET.

I think it safe to say that the time of Minecraft clones is coming to an end, at least on Xbox Live Arcade.

SilentNegotiator1993d ago

Over a million people already bought the knock off on XBL. I don't think it will do QUITE as well as it could have.

They better not treat 360 Minecraft as an after-thought like all of the other non-PC versions of Minecraft.

mr_badhand1993d ago

There's like 50 copy cats of Minecraft on xbla indie.

LAWSON721993d ago

Anyone see how many ppl rated minecraft already in the market it is over 400000 already and for a comparison black ops has 380000. This game is going to easily beat trials evolution grossing record, which only has I think around 50000 ratings.