Aliens: Colonial Marines - Brand New Screenshots Unveiled

Here are some brand new screenshots of Aliens: Colonial Marines, the upcoming shootr from Gearbox Software.

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chukamachine2144d ago

They cut the power.

How can they cut the power man, their animals.

GraySnake2144d ago

It's Game Over man!
Game Over!

PhantomTommy2143d ago

"Hey look over there, an alien!" Remember that classic line?

h311rais3r2143d ago

Get away from her you B****!

I have my alien anthology signed by michael biehn and lance henrickson :3

J86blum2143d ago (Edited 2143d ago )

-lays head down- Everytime they show more and more the less and less im getting stoked, the graphics have taken a drop, the co-op system has taken a huge dive. I still have the game informer issues with this on the cover, and in the mag it looks ALOT better, and the co-op was at least in theory better, not everyone had a pulse rifle, had four chars each with their own skills and weapon loadouts, this just looks I dunno.. Guess my vision of a good ALIENS game will never happen cause I've hyped it way way way to much.

I remeber it saying if you planned on running and gunning by yourself you will get killed, now from game play that seems to be the opposite. ( and the gameplay hope they fix the blood splatter impact on the aliens) it looked like a onrails shooter spatter.

OhMyGandhi2143d ago

this doesn't look too bad.
The xenomorphs themselves look great, but they seem to be stuck on Duke Nukem Forever character models.

J86blum2143d ago (Edited 2143d ago )

I agree, if you have that issue look at the char modles, the lighting it looks like a serious AAA game even the Xeo's look alot better.

Thats an older image vs. what it looks like now.