Diablo 3 Xbox 360: the good, the bad and the demonic

OXM UK: "Blizzard's loot-littered dungeon slog is almost definitely coming to consoles, subject to delays, retractions, and the slim possibility that it might eventually not. Here's why I'm simultaneously thrilled and suspicious."

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blinkingfast1997d ago

blahh sure hope d3 does not come to 360

Gran Touring1997d ago

Why not? So long as its development process won't compromise the the PC/MAC version coming out next week, (which it can't at this point), or future expansions of Diablo, it can go anywhere they want.

Veni Vidi Vici1997d ago

I agree that I don't care if it comes to a console as long as it doesn't hinder the PC version, but when has a game that came to consoles NOT hindered the PC version? They always bork something on the PC version because they have to make it work on the console versions as well. That' most likely the reason you can only play with 4 other people. I'm sure we'll find some other features in the game that were changed on the PC version because they're making it on consoles as well once we get the whole game.


Maybe you people should stop blaming consoles and look at the developers/publishers.

Exclusive games can be better because of only focusing on one platform, but quite frankly, at this point of the consoles life cycles, most developers have a pretty good grip on all platforms.

So if they decide to spread the focus it shouldn't be causing problems to either version. If it turns out bad, people need to stop making excuses for said devs, it's their own fault.

ninjahunter1996d ago

Alot of people who were avid diablo 1 + 2 players will tell you that the game is very... Restricted in a way that suggests consolization.

Thats all im upset about, I couldnt care less if there was never a PC exclusive ever again, but gimping games makes me want to spend less and less on gaming.

Kevin ButIer1996d ago

I'm dying to play this game so i'll get it for my low specs pc... that's better than waiting ^^

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EZMickey1996d ago

Blizzard have made several statements that they are committed to creating a Diablo game for current gen consoles.

That's not the same as making Diablo 3 for consoles. Blizzard are very conscious of their IPs and I really don't think they would do a straight port. I believe they would redesign the game to be better suited for console controllers

BigShotSmoov0071997d ago

Now why would you say that? Is that your fanboy hope and dream? I would like it to come to consoles seeing that it looks like it will be an amazing game. I've never played any of them cause i'm not a PC gamer like that but I hope they do release it on consoles so we all can enjoy it.

kevnb1997d ago

Good chance it won't come.

Dark111996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )

People said the same thing about witcher2 ;)

kevnb1996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )

witcher 2 got delayed big time before finally coming out. Witcher 2 on console was also something they talked about alot, diablo 3 is mostly just speculation and job postings.

Regent_of_the_Mask1996d ago

And look how Witcher 2 turned out. It was a terrible port and the PC looks 1000 times better than the console version. The devs should've at least waited until next-gen to port it over.

Genghis1996d ago

nope. witcher 2 on the 360 is a good game, sorry idiot

AznGaara1996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )

Genghis, in what post did he say Witcher 2 was a bad game on the 360? All he said was that the PC version LOOKS better...

Laxman1996d ago

Regent of the mask, you continue to post the most idiotic statements and comments on here, and thats saying something!

Again, one would think someone who names himself after a brilliant character would have some degree of respect or intelligence. You do not.

humbleopinion1996d ago


Witcher 2 as a terrible port? Considering the fact the port is one of the best looking console games (and surpassing even many PC games in the aesthetics), and even includes some improvements over the original version - then I'd like to know what your high standards for a non-terrible port are.

On topic: Torchlight nailed the control scheme on consle, no reason Diablo 3 can't achieve the same.

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Perjoss1996d ago

Blizzard have not confirmed that a console version is coming out for sure. However Blizzard have confirmed that there is a team working on the console version, if they like the outcome they will release it.

They are the kind of company who will not release a game they are not totally happy with how it is turning out, even if they have invested a lot in it, they have done before in the past.

Evil_Ghosty1997d ago

Don't really care if it goes to consoles, won't stop me playing it first on PC.

Also controllers won't have a hard time playing these types of ARPGS, remember Champions of Norrath on PS2? That was a great game and controlled very well!

Hicken1996d ago

Freakin loved Norrath.

I don't like the always online DRM, and I'm wondering if that would be present in the console version. I hope that it wouldn't be, but that the same time it would be unfair for PC owners if we console owners didn't also have to deal with it.

Laxman1996d ago

No console game has a DRM (that isnt an MMO at least, and most of the console MMO's are kinda rubbish and have a single player mode anyway). Its one of the selling points of consoles; fully capable offline machines.

SignifiedSix1996d ago

Dungeons and Dragons, Baldur's Gate and Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel. Those all worked great.

If they cant pull it off, they obviously suck at programming lol.

Perjoss1996d ago

I played and loved Torchlight on PC, but the controls on the 360 version were better imo.

Veni Vidi Vici1997d ago

This would be a perfect game for the Move. Sony should have reached some agreement with Blizzard to make it exclusive on consoles- or at the very least, time exclusive- and used it to promote the use of the Move.

KeiserSosay47881996d ago

Move would not be very practical in a game that not only requires hotkeys for spells, attacks and such but also because of the amount of enemies you would be hacking your arm at, lol. Think about some of the bosses on Inferno and just swinging a million times. Doesn't sound very fun to me with the Move at all.

Veni Vidi Vici1996d ago

Diablo 3 doesn't require many keys for the spells/attacks. I played the beta. They've made it so there are only like 7 buttons needed. The Move/nav controller has more than that. You had the two mouse buttons, the 5 number keys and then maybe a couple others like shift, tab, etc that weren't really essential but could be placed on the other buttons.

It's really not a big deal to me. I play on PC. I don't even have the Move. I just think if they're going to try and port this to consoles, you're going to want something like the Move so you have the ability to quickly and accurately point to things on the screen. What other console controller is capable of doing that? Not a normal controller with analog sticks. You sure as hell aren't going to use the Kinect.

I just think Sony could have made a play for Diablo 3 being the best console version due to having a controller that would work better than anything MS could do.

As always though, I prefer to play it on PC.

KeiserSosay47881996d ago

Torchlight used the controller scheme very well, I thought.

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