The game that really needed a demo…finally got one!

The press and the critics hated the game, but the people that looked around that and bought it seem to actually enjoy it! Therefor Kinect Star Wars really needed a demo, so people could try it out for free and form their own opinion around the game before buying it. Unfortunately Kinect Star Wars did not have a demo at launch, and a month after release this demo was still not available. But that has changed, because from today there is a demo for Kinect Star Wars available!

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blinkingfast2148d ago

nice that is good news i would check it out as a demo for sure.

Gaming1012147d ago

A star wars game for casual gamers who find the controller too scary? No thanks.


Althrough I mostly agree this kind of game don't need motion controls of any kind, an oportunity to test before buy is never a bad thing in my book.

guitarded772147d ago

You should definitely check it out. I picked up the game for $30 new, because I was interested to see how bad the game is. I'm not going to lie, parts of the game have some serious control issues leading to some frustrating moments. But there are also parts of the game that are some of the best experiences on Kinect, like Pod Racing. I've see people scoring the game from 3 - 7, and I agree with the higher end of the score spectrum with control issues in some game modes keeping it from being an excellent game. But should the game be patched with more precise controls, it would be the best Kinect game on the market.

rick52922147d ago

For all the kids that hit the disagree button, have you even played the game? And if so, what other kinect game(s) do you think is better?

impulse1352147d ago

this has to be the worst game on the kinect

M_Prime2147d ago

i think RANCOR RAMPAGE is actually one of the most fun parts on this game, though i haven't tried pod racing yet

Zha1tan2147d ago

Thought it was going to be a demo of battlefront there for a second....

F#@K you lucasarts

jony_dols2147d ago

Hoping for a demo of game that has never been officially announced, was a bit of a long shot!

Fylus2147d ago

Still, it would have been a hell of a lot better than this:/

bumnut2147d ago

Im still holding out for a new tie fighter game, imagine how good they could make a Star Wars space combat game with current tech!

Won't happen though, Lucas is too busy with crap like this and 'new' Star Wars.

Wake up George, you have one the greatest franchises ever and are doing nothing with it.

Zha1tan2147d ago

The sum of this convo is basically that Lucasarts need to stop making crap kinect titles.

Trenta272147d ago

That game was terrible. I wanted to break that stupid game...

Sony3602147d ago

I would say thanks for the demo, but I already know not to buy it.

Trenta272147d ago

I really wanted to give it a shot. I had my doubts, but I didn't think the game would suck this much. Oh well. More money wasted on stupid games.

Lucretia2147d ago

u honestly honestly thought it would be good? its kinect, sorry for your loss of money but if you believe in anything kinect with all the obvious critisism. seriously, not all bashing is because people are fanboys, its because it actually sucks balls. but u know that now.

i mean what made u buy it when you heard there was a dancing mini game?

i hope u dont fall for the DBZ kinect game lol

vikingland12147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )

That game def looks like it would be for kids imop. Not knocking it for that. I shall go download it right now anyhoo.

TheModernKamikaze2147d ago

Now I can dance to Han Solo XD

jony_dols2147d ago

At least he moves better than Commander Shepherd!

Lucretia2147d ago

seriously, anyone who bought this garbage deserved to suffer through this. its MS once again taking your money and smacking u in the face with it.HAHA and its freakin hilarious

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The story is too old to be commented.