IGN: The Future of Game Development

"Should it matter if game developers are happy in their work, if they are treated as individuals rather than as cogs in a machine? Does it harm you, as a gamer, if game-makers are managed by hive-mind control-freaks, or by easy-going Gabe Newell-types? Well, yes, it does matter. Happy, motivated people create great games; unhappy, exploited people create predictable games. And we all want great games. "

IGN takes a look at game development in the industry.

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blinkingfast1962d ago

yea it sure could look like that.. very soon.

Solid_Snake371962d ago

If Activision, EA, Capcom and Ubisoft continue with their business tactics the future will be grim indeed.

kevnb1962d ago

I think to really have an opinion you have to work in development first.

FinaLXiii1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

You can see the videogame industry like the automobile industry.

A very good comparision because every idea and concept that is highly reviewed to make good profit is taken highly in consideration into the publishers eyes.

"That´s what they want that´s what they get" - The essencial phrase for good business practice.

But what people really want is something else everytime when it comes down to it because that´s what pushes the industry forward and make the fans happy.

stuntman_mike1962d ago

well by all accounts Rockstar's last few games have been beset by bad working conditions. I'm sure their not the only ones it's happened to.