Top 5 – Xbox Live Indie Games Minecraft Rip-Offs

In the first episode of (yet another) brand new web series from Gamer Nation, Liam Richardson looks at Xbox Live Indie Games Minecraft Rip-Offs in preparation for Minecraft being released this Wednesday.

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blinkingfast2210d ago

many might call minecraft a rip off of old games like this thought

ThatDamnGeordie2210d ago

Wow someone actually made this.....they might be minecraft "rip offs" but minecraft in itself is just a "rip off" of Infiniminer and a couple of other games. Dont get me wrong il be buying it on the 360 and already own it for PC but atleast get your facts right.

meevil2210d ago

Did I ever say that Minecraft in itself was a rip-off?

SilentNegotiator2210d ago (Edited 2210d ago )

Minecraft improved the formula.

It's clones mostly just said "herp let's add guns! It wil be cool like call of duties!"

dennyrutledge2210d ago

He did say when Minecraft has come out, these games had shown up. So in context these games are technically a "rip-off" of Minecraft, And all the others before it.

2210d ago