Crysis 3 Interview: Rasmus Højengaard

Crysis 3 is looking like a hot piece of gaming totty for your PC and home consoles alike. SPOnG previewed it last last month and it seems to be a good blend of the direction action from Crysis 2 with a few more open world elements from the original Crysis.

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ATi_Elite2052d ago (Edited 2052d ago )

that "DX11 stuff has been translated to the console" crap is really just crap!

The consoles have no DX11 hardware so what are you translating again?

Either the effects used are not DX11 or the CryEngine 3 is DX9 with DX11 features tossed on top!

Crytek has screwed up the wonderful gameplay of Crysis!

Pandamobile2052d ago

I guess that's why he said "translated". My guess would be that they're just emulating the fancy hardware-DX11 stuff in software.

Just because DX9 or OpenGL doesn't support a certain feature by default doesn't mean it's impossible to implement in some fashion.

ATi_Elite2051d ago (Edited 2051d ago )

"The consoles have no DX11 hardware so what are you translating again?

Either the effects used are not DX11 or the CryEngine 3 is DX9 with DX11 features tossed on top!"

I stand by my statements 110%!!

Your not doing DX11 features through Software. You need HARDWARE to DO any PROPER DX11 features (except Multi-threading) and the consoles have NO DX11 hardware.

If you could just emulate DX11 features on NON-DX11 cards...........

Don't you think INTEL would do this as a selling point to get back into the game that Nvidia and AMD control. Intel would love to just say:

"Hey don't buy those new Nvidia and AMD cards for DX11 just get an Intel CPU with on board GPU and emulate DX11 through one of our superior Sandy Bridge CPU's with on board graphics"!

Not happening cause it CAN"T BE DONE! You CAN NOT software emulate DX11 features. Plus ps3/360 can barely run DX9 and Now you WANNA Emulate DX11. Think about that for a second..........I'll wait!!

Like I said either those effects are not true DX11 features or the CryEngine 3 is DX9 with Dx11 dropped in on top.

There is NO oTHER way!

Pandamobile2051d ago

Again, that's why he said "translated". They're not 1:1 ports of DX11 features, they're approximations or simplified versions to run on existing hardware. They're not claiming to have hardware tesselation on the PS3 or 360. That would be bullshit.

hiredhelp2051d ago

What is wrong with you guy's. ATi i thought you would understand crytek by now...?
Crytek have always been PC first driven thats a dam fact still is they built a engine so it can be dev freindly so it can utilize consoles that doesnt mean to say they putting consoles first.

Rasmus Højengaard: Yes, and yes. I mean, PC players, fundamentally only want Crysis to be on PC, right? And, you know, that’s kind of understandable when you consider how the original game - and even Crytek itself - started out. But, we’re definitely pushing this game a lot from a visual standpoint, and for sure there’s going to be visual goodies in it that you can only get if you have a super-high-end PC.

Where does it state were are porting This is one guy from crytek people reading too much into what he sais.
If you read some the earlyer statements from crytek before the game crytek launched trailers and interviews crysis 3 you would know they clearly stated this time they not forgetting the PC users. But again that just means they were handling consoles was busy so we never got DX 11 untill it was tacked on i agree was kinda stupid but again was no port.

SKUD2052d ago

Crysis 3 console port to PC confirmed. No sale.

Tachyon_Nova2051d ago

Crytek says they are porting PC features to console, apparently this confirms PC version is a console port.

ninjahunter2052d ago

._. Yea, Skipping this one seems ideal.
Buy all the Deadpool things instead.

sriki0072051d ago

whatever anyone says. It'll better than cod.
I also like the concept of using nano suit in multiplayer.. You cant just run and gun, you need a bit of skill and strategy.