Skyrim modded sports CGI quality graphics; new video showcasing the power of mods

DSOGaming writes: "We’ve said a lot of times that mods can literally change the look of a game. And you do know that there are a lot of mods for Skyrim, right? Well, nothing have prepared you for the following video that showcases some pretty amazing visuals. YouTube’s member ‘MrRhexx’ used the realistic setting from cinemascope combined with the cinematic settings from cinematic ENB mod – that work wonderfully together – and captured some footage of Skyrim. The end result is unbelievable and could very well be mistaked as a CGI footage. MrRhexx also used the Daedric Reaver Armor and the footage is from a scene taken from Chronicles of a Sad Story 3. Enjoy!"

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jthamind1720d ago

like the top comment said on youtube itself, it'd be nice if we had more than a super-up-close picture of some monster breathing. it would be more impressive if we could see scenery and full character shots.

Lucretia1720d ago

true tho im sure that would take a while to complete

BraveToaster1719d ago

Well then you'd be able to see the ugly world of Skyrim. I think it's better only showing the nice hi res armor textures.

TheModernKamikaze1720d ago

What is he doing?fapping?
Anyways it looks great.

whothedog1719d ago

You think him fapping looks great!? :D

llMurcielagoll1719d ago

He's got you there man hahahaha!

Hellsvacancy1719d ago

Fapping? wtf? never herad that word before, must be American, whats it mean?

CoLD FiRE1719d ago

Fap is the sound of masturbating. Fapping=Masturbating

Or you could also type: Fap fap fap fap fap...and so on if you want to showing that you're fapping.

Solid_Snake371719d ago

Hmm, not sure if trolling or just new here.

danieldeath1720d ago

Really !!, Mod see the monsters Ugly Face.

LAWSON721720d ago

That is daedric armor not a monster

megacowdung1720d ago

I wish i had a NASA pc with skyrim on it :(

CoLD FiRE1719d ago (Edited 1719d ago )

You want something from the 70s to run Skyrim? No way that's gonna work.

TheModernKamikaze1719d ago

NASA computers are pretty outdated because they don't use that much ram

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