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Top Ten Biggest Myths About Gaming

Link is not Zelda. Not all women who play games are disgusting. Games do not make people violent. These are all giant myths about gaming that Cassidee Moser of sounds off on.

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Community1991d ago
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Y_51501991d ago

This was a good read. Gaming is supposed to be fun, so everyone should be able to join in on the fun right? Some of the stuff mention in the article wasn't myths but more like gaming stereotypes.

FENDR1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

i stopped reading after he said " iPhones provide certain gaming experiences comparable to console gaming on the go"

MySwordIsHeavenly1990d ago

Dead Space
Battlefield: Bad Company 2

The ENTIRETY of OnLive

All of these things are available on iPhone/Android.

Soldierone1990d ago

@ Above

I have all those games, only one worth talking about is Dead Space and even then its pretty broken.

Bad Company 2 has some of the worst FPS controls, and any FPS period sucks on a touch screen. Minecraft is basiaclly the absolute bare bones of Minecraft.

Entirety of OnLive, sure you can access all your games but it plays like total crap. If it's not lagging beyond belief, then the controls suck hardcore. It has a few games that have actually been "optimized" for touch screen and its still a pain.

Overall point here? Cool you can access these rip offs of actual games, congrats. While we are at it why not just list all of Gamelofts games?

Dee_911990d ago

i stopped reading after "Not all women who play games are disgusting"
Thats not even a stereotype let alone a myth lol

JRPGlover1990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

It looks like it's a she, not a he.

No self respecting he would say iPhone in place of smartphone and claim they're comparable to consoles. Comparable to handhelds with the (usual) lack of physical buttons maybe, but not consoles.

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Gaming1011991d ago

Some dumb things on this list.
First, Sony and Microsoft OWN the studios, thus they are first party, thus they are part of Sony, therefore Sony does make its own games. Really, why is this stupid point even worth bringing up?

Second, some things can be measured in terms of "best". It does come down to what is "best" for you personally, for instance, my grandmother would say that the Wii was "best", so this is a stupid argument.

Third, PC gaming doesn't produce anywhere near the sales of consoles because of all the pirating. PC games may still be developed but the business of MAKING PC games is dead without a profit to be seen.

Fourth, there is no way to prove whether most PC gamers do or do not think PC gaming is better than console gaming. From every PC gamer I've heard, they crow about how great PC gaming is compared to console gaming and quite frankly, it may cost more but in the end you do get better graphics and performance (aside from a ton of patches and necessary upgrades that inconvenience the heck out of you).

Fifth, no not all girl gamers are gross, just most of them.

Sixth, doing an immobile non-phisical activity for hours on end regardless of nutrition is BAD for you. You need to take a break every half hour and how many people can honestly say they do that? You're kidding yourself if you think gaming in all its inactivity doesn't contribute to unhealthiness including obesity.

Seventh, no not all gamers are nerds, just most of them.

Eighth, no not all hardcore gamers are men in their 30's who live in their parents' basement, just most of them.

spartan_dx1991d ago

easy tiger went off on a story there

Soldierone1991d ago

Agree with the second one. Sony and MS DO make their own games. Sure they own studios, but there are Sony studios "SCEA and San Diego for example" and MS has studio's with their name on it as well. These are owned and operated by their respective companies.....

It's like saying EA doesn't technically make Madden or Need for Speed....

DFresh1990d ago

Clearly you've never heard of digital distribution on PC.

Steam (Valve), GOG (Good Old Games), Impulse, Direct 2 Drive (Game Fly), Gamers Gate, Origin (EA), etc.

InTheLab1990d ago

You know nothing of PC gamers or PC gaming.

That is all.

Carry on....

Gaming1011990d ago

To idiots above ^

Steam and other online game download sites aren't doing anything to keep big developers successful or even afloat. If you're extremely small then you have a chance, but tell that to Crytek who had the most pirated game of all in 2011, and compare PC sales with any console, it wasn't even close.

It's a fact that PC gamers crow on a nearly constant basis about how high end their PC is, even if they had to poor 4 grand into it in the last year alone, the saps. The only way they justify hardware costs is by pirating, as evidenced by the massive amount of increasing pirating rates that go on on a nearly constant basis. You can't argue with the numbers, and if you're a PC gamer who actually buys everything he owns you're in the vast minority.

End of discussion.

NinjaByNight1990d ago

Ninth, not all or even most readers on N4G are self-deluded stereotypes, but at least one is.

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j-blaze1991d ago

Biggest Myths:

-ps3 fanbois actually care about games
-ps3 exclusives like UC3 are not overrated they are perfect!!!1!1
-Sony did not copy anything from its competitors this gen
-Killzone 2's graphics are better than the original 2005 CG trailer
-FFXIII cut content due to Xbox360... "lol they think half of the content was cut when the final version was almost 40GB!"

TCG_Returns1991d ago

The bitter jealousy is just radiating off of you.Tired of kinect shovelware i guess? teehee

LOGICWINS1991d ago

@TCG- Your comment is just as ignorant. Anyone who spouts negativity about Sony or the PS3 is automatically a Kinect owner/player?

Nimblest-Assassin1991d ago

Now you see, this proves my theory that you have a vendetta against Naughty Dog. I have no idea what they did to you, but it must have been terrible for them to make you like this.

Also its "fanboys" not "fanbois", unless you do that intentionally.

However I will some what agree with you on the first one.

Those fanboys who keep saying PS3 has so many games, and uses those titles to justify that the PS3 is the best system (its not, they all have strengths and weaknesses) , but never plays any of the games he stated pisses me off. Instead the go buy COD...

Seriously, subscribing to PSM is saddening because the most anticipated game is Black Ops 2, and the game was not even announced yet.

TCG_Returns1990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

He has a clear motive with his comments, and im using 360s lack of anything other than kinect to poke fun at him.Maybe logic isn't your strong point..

Outside_ofthe_Box1990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

And of course logic doesn't address the troll at hand... or at least the one that is trolling sony/the ps3...

In this case it doesn't really matter. His "negativity" is trolling and it's obvious as hell.

Dee_911990d ago

just hit trolling and move on

Gamer30001990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

you and the 8 who agree with you are by far the worst trolls ever
just tell your mother to buy you ps3
and don't tell me you own one
no one here will believe you

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Nimblest-Assassin1991d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

You know what would be cooler. Lets make a top 10 list of actual things from games... and give them to Mythbusters to try them out.

Seriously, Mythbusters needs an episode based on videogame myths.

Stuff I want to see done

1)Assassins Creed Leap of Faith
2)Rocket Jump from TF2/Halo/etc
3)Throwing Knifes and Tommahawks from COD (seriously, would a tomahawk to the leg kill a man?)
4)Can you pull a mans head of GOW3

I can't think of some now, but we should totally get this thing made.

DaReapa1990d ago


This is not exactly Mythbusters, but close enough...

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smashcrashbash1991d ago

Exactly. If I have a studio and they made the game then it was me who made the game.ND belongs to Sony therefore Sony made the game. Also Sony also has studios like Sony Santa Monica which are literally Sony studios. What difference does it make if the developers that belong to me made the game? That is like saying my factories make a car not the company itself. The factory is mine so I do make the car.

What myth you should put there is that PlayStation owners don't buy games and all games succeed or do better on the 360 or Nintendo console. There are tons of games that are left out in the cold by 360 and Wii owners and many games that sold like crap or got bad scores. People just choose to ignore them and only look at the successful ones

Hicken1991d ago

I think it wasn't written very clearly. And I don't know how widespread that particular "myth" is. Outside of that, however, it's hard to disagree with the article.

jthamind1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

#8: There is a “best” gaming platform.

this one is the most truthful as far as being a myth. you can argue games all you want, hardware all you want, online or other features all you want, but it all boils down to preference, and what you want most out of a console.

h311rais3r1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

"and what you want most out of a console."

Or pc ;)

ShaunCameron1991d ago

In the end, it's all subjective.

Xof1991d ago

Most of those are accurate... but gaming DOES, in fact, contribute to America's 'obesity epidemic.' Maybe not as much as massive corn subsidies, but still enough.

Habit-forming sedentary hobbies are not healthy, period.

This is why Nintendo has those health warnings enclosed with every game, and why the 3DS will have a little message pop up if you play for more than an hour or so suggesting that you, ya' know, stand up, maybe go outside, and do something active.

Gamers don't like to admit this (because, hey, the hobby gets enough bad press) and point out that there are plenty of other sedentary hobbies... but reading a book, watching a movie, etc. are not intentionally designed to be addictive. No one has ever died from watching a movie for too long; for reading a book for too long--and there are plenty of documented cases of gamers dropping dead because they forgot to eat/drink during a particularly long gaming session.

And, yeah, I realize I'm taking a "NOFUN" approach to the article, but I just know that too many people are going to read through that list nodding their heads at each and every little comment saying, "yup, sounds about right."

And that kind of blithe dismissal of (a) very real issue... ain't right at all.


I'm going to have to disagree with this. Gaming, itself, does not cause obesity nor cause people to drop dead. The act of not getting up and taking breaks does.

Just because we don't hear of people dropping dead after a reading marathon doesn't mean that it couldn't happen. The media blows gaming way out of proportion as it is. Chances are at least some of the people you see dropping from blot clots weren't gamers but sat on their asses all day anyway, doing something like reading books or watching movies.

Xof1991d ago

Right, and if you shoot a gun at someone it's not the GUN killing them, it's the bullet.

Or it's not the BULLET, it's the skull getting punctured. Or blood loss. Or organ failure.

Three cheers for logical fallacy!

Gaming is an unhealthy hobby; the sooner you accept this, the better off you'll be.

loltonytony1990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

Gaming has nothing to with people getting fat, there poor choice in eating habits do. (do even know how the body even works?)

I guess driving is bad because people make poor choices when they drive like when sleepy or texting, People die from overdosing on water clearly that makes it bad for use right...right?

It all boils down to people making poor choices...nothing in video game force you stop eating/drinking or move around.

Setting for long periods of time is bad for you no matter what your doing, adding videos games does not magically make it worse. (death is not as high you think its is)

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