The Elder Scrolls: Online to Redefine MMORPG Genre?

"Rumor after rumor about a tremendously sought after multiplayer bearing the Elder Scrolls name have circulated the internet for quite some time now. Finally, on May 3rd, 2012 jaws dropped all over the world at the surprising announcement of The Elder Scrolls: Online. Not to be confused with the next chapter in the current timeline of single-player Elder Scrolls games, The Elder Scrolls: Online follows the story of a Daedric Prince’s lust for control over Tamriel and the adventurer(s) that must fight to save their homeland."

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Drake1172086d ago

ES online is def a completely dif genre than the normal single player ES games. It doesn't have first person real time combat and it doesn't let players be sort of all the classes at once. But that doesn't mean that its a bad or same old run of the mill mmo either.
ES online is def moving away from the wow formula by quite a bit. From the looks of it, its going to combine the best parts of Guild Wars 2, radiant or event questing, more action oriented combat(with the addition of the stamina bar and blocking feature, as well as group combo skills), No mmo holy trinity (the need for a tank and healer in every group)hell their isn't even aggro in ESO. And the best parts of Star Wars The old Republic, story oriented, fully voiced, and decision making that's meaningful and effects the world around you. As well as some pretty innovative and unique pvp elements.
I think as an mmo ESO will be fantastic, but if you are looking for the traditional ES experience well then here's hoping that they keep making the Single player games as well.

Laxman2086d ago

Does it really not have real time combat?

But yeah, its not actually Bethesda making it, its Zenimax Online Studios (Zenimax is the company who owns Bethesda). I think Bethesda will probably make another Fallout next, which would be great.

Baka-akaB2086d ago

I'm not seeing anything positive thus far .

"I think as an mmo ESO will be fantastic, but if you are looking for the traditional ES experience ..."

The problem is that it's this new take that rather seems traditional and outdated .

"From the looks of it, its going to combine the best parts of Guild Wars 2, radiant or event questing"

So they says , and so were claiming every new mmos released the past decade . "We'll have dynamic quests that impact the world wohoooh" .

It pretty much all ended up with public questing with no consequences (asides from Guild wars 2 keeping its promises ) or the devs once everywhile changing the plot and landscape via a patch or extension (burning crusade ... cataclysm) .

"more action oriented combat(with the addition of the stamina bar and blocking feature, as well as group combo skills)"

I'm having trouble believing that with the usual same old hotbars system wich already does everything described there . Notice how their vague hyperbolic and enthusiast wording isnt even trying to imply something as engaging and dynamic as say GW2 , gw1 , or Terra , where you'd need to move a lot , evade , time attacks .

Anyway just color me cynical when everything shown so far seem traditional mmo stuff , with an elderscroll theme that's not even that apparent amidst the Amalur/fable styled colors and brightness .

Drake1172086d ago

So basically you just don't believe what the devs are saying about ES online is true? Or at least until we see more of it? Honestly idk if its true either but from what i have read(which is all the info anybody has right now), it looks like they are changing it up quite a bit. Now weather or not Zeni Max online delivers, well we will just have to wait and see.

Baka-akaB2086d ago (Edited 2086d ago )

Yeah basically i dont believe them . Why should i ? Most mmos publishers fed us the same lies , and bethesda has been lying enough already about their own offline games , as seen with skyrim .

I know it's not the same studio and game , but it also doesnt help that what i read from their press release is the same generic mmo PR speech , and that the screenshots looks mediocre to me .

I'm not feeling any kind of ES vibe , but something trying to looks like a bad kingdom of Amalur dlc .

Of course we shall see , but i remain very cynical . They are already proving they take the easiest and safe road possible , by ditching the very core gameplay that made the serie famous .

So again why should i believe them ?

Drake1172086d ago

Honestly I don't think you have to believe anything. All i'm trying to say is, that from what i have read, as an mmo, ESO seems to have some things going for it. Now weather you believe them or not, that's your choice. I however will try to stay positive. Since this is a completely new company, ill wait till i have something concrete to pass judgement.

TopDudeMan2086d ago

Well, it's not gonna be like a any mmo anyone's ever played.

Baka-akaB2086d ago

Doesnt seems like it look any different from any current fantasy mmo .

Hell it doesnt even looks like an Elder Scrolls title . You could easily "blind test" trick someone

TekoIie2086d ago

I would be suprised if it did but I think this is a little optimistic.

DragonKnight2086d ago

Ummm, given the fact that all I've seen since this game was announced were people disappointed by the hotbar combat, lack of first person, and the fact that it's pretty much NOT going to be Skyrim online, then no it's not going to redefine mmorpgs. Most people are saying it's following in the WoW formula's footsteps and just adding bits and pieces of other, truly redefining, mmorpgs. It would have redefined mmorpgs if it had actually been like an Elder Scrolls game just with co-op/pvp but the way it stands now it's not. It's a patchwork of other ideas and the same mmorpg formula that's been around too long.

jthamind2086d ago

i couldn't have said it any better myself, i agree with you 100%.

DragonKnight2086d ago

You know, the article says that if it had first person or action oriented (basically non-hotbar) based combat it would be a "hot mess" or basically poorly implemented and not good for the gameplay. But there are MMO games out there that don't have hotbar combat. Hell, there's a Dynasty Warriors Online MMO that plays like the traditional DW games in terms of combat. So it's not like it can't be done for this ESO game. ZeniMax is just taking the easy, safe route and claiming it's different when it's really not. Taking old ideas and grouping them together isn't innovation.

Fromage2086d ago

"The Elder Scrolls Online wouldn’t be “worthy of the Elder Scrolls franchise” without a sleek leveling and character class system."


I...I have no words...

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