Pach-Attack! - Wii U Blowout

Why is Nintendo holding back on the specs on the Wii U? Will it be released prior to October 30th? Plus, will Google's Project Glass be the next big hit?

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MultiConsoleGamer1719d ago

Google Glasses have a forward facing camera that's always on. They also feature GPS that track your every movement. And we already know Google is tracking certain smart phone users, so get ready to say hello to Project Glass and goodbye to your personal freedom!

h311rais3r1719d ago

Don't buy it? Read Eula?

MultiConsoleGamer1719d ago

I would never buy something like this. Especially because its made by Google.

Google's motto of "dont be evil" is quite ironic considering the history and actions of the company.

But hey, I'm sure some people will welcome our new internet overlords. Unfortunately, this is the first time their choice will effect the rest of us. Since the camera on these glasses will intrude on the privay of the average citizen who just happens to be passing by on the street.

--Onilink--1719d ago

not really, they already made it clear how important privacy was, and they would make sure people would know if the glasses were recording

Ck1x1719d ago

Not really classified as a blowout, being that there were only 2 questions that he answered or somewhat answered...

Shok1719d ago (Edited 1719d ago )

I expected a longer video.

GuruStarr781719d ago

No matter what they say, Pachter is good my book.

--Onilink--1719d ago

your book is very messed up

mr_badhand1719d ago

The media is definitely biased against project glass!

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