DivX on PSP as part of firmware 4.0

Seems our little friend the PSP will soon be getting DivX Certification to allow for the downloading of movies and TV shows through the PC store, transferred from PS3 and from selected third party online retailers (psst...starts with G and ends with le).

DivX for PSP should be released within two months and be included with the 4.0 firmware update.

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jams_shop3965d ago

PSP is getting some DivX love

Chitown712913965d ago

Dude the PSP is now officially ( I know I spelled it wrong....... I think) the ultimate portable hardware on this planet. Nothing compares to the features this thing has NOT EVEN THE iPHONE! The PSP has live TV( with locationfree), MP3, Videos, Internet and Internet Radio, 3D Games parallel to PS2,Skype( basically a phone over the internet), Remote Play to PS3, Connect to a PC Playstation Store, Play PS1 Games, Video Out, Plus accessories like a camera, GPS, Chotto Shot( A foreign language type thing....... it's cool alright. DUDE WHAT ELSE DO YOU F**KING WANT!!!!!!!!!! THIS THING IS AWESOME!!!!!!!! And now with DivX support, apple can suck D!*k!!!!!!!!

Screw you anti-sony fanboys

I about to go PLAY

mikeslemonade3964d ago

You forgot custom firmware, playing games from the memory stick, and emulators.

TheTwelve3964d ago PSP IS actually better then the iPhone when you put it all together like that. Never knew that.


ReBurn3964d ago

Too bad early adopters like me get screwed when it comes to some of the newer features, like Skype. It sucks that I have to upgrade my PSP to take advantage of the newest goodies.

captainpwn3964d ago

If you're refering to that POS they call the Web browser, then you're confused. The thing is so bad I'd rather not even go on the Internet. If you want to experience a TRUE mobile Internet experience, visit your local Apple Store and purchase an iPod Touch or an iPhone.

NeonSkull3963d ago

the browser works fine for me, i normally use it on the toilet, if i want a better browser i just remote play my ps3 and use the ps3 browser on the psp via remote play.

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Lord Anubis3965d ago

i guess it will be getting limited support because of the 32megs

TheGeist3965d ago

Wait no you son of b*tch! it's called a 4gb SD card! oh no! that means 4000 mb for your cracker loving saltine Xobx Azz.

kspraydad3965d ago

What 32 megs?

You mean you think this is limited to PSP2000?

Finalfantasykid3964d ago

It will probably only be able to play up to a certain bit-rate, and then either it will say that it does not support it, or it will downgrade the bitrate somehow(is that even possible O_o)

travelguy2k3964d ago

psp 1000 has 32mb and the slim has 64, but either way because the srcreen douse not have that high a resolution even if it did compress it even further, we would we even notice on the psp...i didn't think so.

The PSP continues to gain versatility and as such i think we can expect the same kind of improvments to happen in the years to come for the PS3.

Greek993964d ago

PSP Lite Has 64 Mb? I didnt kno that. Maybe thats why Skype isnt on the PSP (fat). Along with 100s of other features PSP Lite will have and PSP fat wont have.

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freakyzeeky3964d ago (Edited 3964d ago )

2008 has been nothing but good for Sony, I can't believe it!
It's a stark contrast from what kind of news Sony has been receiving all of last year. :D

bootsielon3964d ago

It doesn't matter, as the PSP's resolution is below Standard Definition, which wouldn't require much processing power. So yeah, it's possible

Guwapo773964d ago

The original PSP has 32MB of ram. The new Slim/Lite/whateverinthehellyou wannacallit has 64MB of ram.

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