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God of War: Ascension Single Player Details

Last week, IGN was lucky enough to take part in an early reveal of God of War: Ascension, one that chronicled some of the game's multiplayer fare. But that left plenty of PS3 gamers wanting. After all, God of War has always been a single-player game and a vast majority of the franchise's fans want to know about Ascension's campaign. (God of War: Ascension, PS3)

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Almir908  +   998d ago
Lol where are the details? It just says its going to be the Central God of war 3 game with puzzles
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MrDead  +   998d ago
There is no need to read this article as you've put all the details that the crack team at ign managed to dig up.
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Pintheshadows  +   998d ago
The fact they're smoking crack probably explains their poor investigative skills.
guacman88  +   998d ago
kratos is gonna be imprisoned by the furies which are three godesses who punish crimes which in kraatos case would be killing his family in a huge titan sized prison. the furies never stop trying punish all wrong doers so that is when kratos will go almost crazy and he is gonna break out. proably gonna have to kill the furies but they wont be easy because they are gaia's daughters. from what i know of greek mythos this has tyhe potential to be karatos greatest adventure yet he will fight epic monsters in the titan prison trust me
Hoje0308  +   997d ago
You should be a writer.
Adexus  +   998d ago
Even if it is a prequel it will still be (hopefully) Godly!... pun very much intended.
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Xof  +   998d ago
...Hasn't there already been a prequel?

Honestly, I don't see the point. If they're going to make a new GoW game, they ought to advance the timeline. I mean, there are only so many times we can hear Kratos scream "ARES!!!!" or "ZEUS!!!!" before we stop caring.

Hell, some people stopped caring back w/ GoW2.
Ultr  +   998d ago
Gamer3000  +   998d ago
cool story
chobit_A5HL3Y  +   998d ago
why would you need to care if he's yelling their names out??? if the game's fun- play it.
Adexus  +   998d ago
I will never grow tired of Kratos shouting anything, he could be shouting "Pink fluffy teddy bears!" and I will still enjoy every syllable.
BigPappaPump  +   997d ago
God of War series is a 10 year story arc. You could make hundreds of prequels for the time span. As long SM don't fall off and make a shitty story, I have no problem. Gods like Zeus and Ares are essential to the lore. More pagan gods for me to kill.
JRPGlover  +   997d ago
Only took you saying it once for me to stop caring about your comment.
Primal Rex  +   998d ago
oh how i dont care
Wintersun616  +   998d ago
Then why are you commenting here?
mokopa  +   997d ago
When developers get tired of advancing a story, they do a prequel.
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miacosa  +   997d ago
Bad title article, provide no information about single player .
Wintersun616  +   997d ago
Since when is story background and setting information not single player information?
Wintersun616  +   997d ago
I somehow ended up in this article:

smashcrashbash  +   997d ago
When will people understand if you have a complex character with a complex life it is sometimes necessary to go back to understand him/her better. If this adventure lets understand Kratos more and people may see and understand his rage and fury more. When I read Greek legends I only read up on Zeus and the well known Pantheon. I only found out later that was a whole other story about Chronos, Gaia, Chaos, Uranus and Tartarus that I never knew about before.

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