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"I remember the last time Ragnarok was released on a portable platform (hell, I did the review), and it wasn't much more than a beginner-level RPG. Technology and technique has since grown tremendously, and now XSeed is delivering another portable title in the Ragnarok universe: Ragnarok Odyssey." - Kevin Schaller

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dbjj120881754d ago

Please, just give me more to play on my Vita.

doctorstrange1754d ago

Yeah, looking forward to the next big Vita game

NewMonday1754d ago

a new JRPG is just what the Vita needs in this drought.

i hope XSEED also try to bring "true night of the kamaitachi", not an RPG but still the highest rated Vita game in Japan

Half-Mafia1754d ago

The Vita has over 40 games out on PSN. Have you really run out of games to play?

h311rais3r1754d ago

None that interest me anymore.

Zha1tan1754d ago (Edited 1754d ago )

I came in expecting Odin, Thor, Loki....

found a JRPG

Left dissapointed.

mttrackmaster381754d ago

This Gravity Rush, Sound Shapes, Persona 4 Golden, and Retro City Rampage will keep my Vita powered on for a looooooooonnnng while.

WetN00dle691754d ago

This is coming to NA right???
If it is sign me up for day 1!

knifefight1754d ago

Yep, coming later this year, thanks to XSeed stepping up to bring it over.

I never thought it would happen.

WetN00dle691754d ago

Nice, this looks awesome!!
Another must have Vita title!

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