Wii U: Colors for Everybody!

In recent decades, Nintendo's been known for offering lots of color options in terms of hardware. With the Wii U touted as a system for everybody, it'll be interesting to see how their hardware color strategy pans out. Zelda Informer talks about the importance of color options for all.

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Y_51502177d ago

Great! I'll take a pink Wii-U to show off my manliness!

ChickeyCantor2177d ago

A real man doesn't care about what others would think of him regarding his choice of color.

I used to have a transparent xbox. Wonder If Nintendo will ever go with that just like the GameBoy.

M83_2176d ago

A real man doesn't care what others think of him FULL STOP! ;)

Venox20082176d ago

I want a color, like is on a picture! :)

iigameu2176d ago

Powder blue...or flame red to match my 3ds;)

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