PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale And The Perception Of Originality

Ian Fisher writes: Without delving deep into the battle there is between the fanboy factions of Sony and Nintendo, I just find it interesting to see how people perceive something to be a clone and what they deem to be acceptable, even if it is essentially a clone of a popular game. Obviously the verdict is out on whether PlayStation All-Stars will be a quality product since the full details on the project haven’t been revealed, but to some people the fact that it “copies” the Smash Bros. formula is enough to turn them off or simply come to the realization that Sony is in some cases creatively bankrupt.

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gtxgamer22213d ago

This , last of us, im excited for.

JBSleek2213d ago

Only time will tell whether the quality will determine it to be good or not but the Sony community response to this has been very interesting. I remember Dante Inferno taking a pounding for being inspired by GoW. I have no problem with this because more competition breeds better games and almost all games are inspired by others but hypocrisy runs deep in the gaming industry.

RedDead2213d ago

I wonder if nintendo will start cloning Sony's first party games now.

SecretPsycho2213d ago

Not being a troll or anything..
But nintendo don't really change.

telekineticmantis2213d ago

lets give credit where it's really due. Combine powerstone, and X-men vs Street Fighter and you basically have SSB. Nobody ragged on them for copying because they still tried in some ways to add some originality. as long as PAS does that, these games can coexist without seeming redundant.

Machioto2213d ago

The game where ssb got its inspiration from is an obscure called the out foxies by namco.

DigitalRaptor2213d ago

I don't think either game would be redundant since each faction has their preferences and the real reason people really love these games is down to the characters and stages.

Even if PSASBR is a carbon copy feature-for-feature and has the same gameplay, the PlayStation character roster and stages you can play on would be its main draw, since you're probably never gonna see those characters in a Smash Bros game.

SecretPsycho2213d ago

Just gonna say this...just because nintendo put mario into a lot of sports and spin offs early does not mean they own that game type

smashcrashbash2213d ago

Exactly. This concept and genre existed way before Nintendo did it. Nintendo basically just added Nintendo characters to it. People just don't want you to mention that because it destroys their ignorant belief that Nintendo stared it and what people to facilitate their ignorance.

Hicken2213d ago

Another thing that many people seem to forget is that we Sony fans have been asking for this for YEARS. Hell, I've been wanting a Sony-like SSB since last gen; why would that change now that there are even more characters to toss in there?

SSB is not the first game of this type, just the most popular. And there's nothing wrong with Sony joining the market, especially since it's what their paying customers want.

Titanz2213d ago

Though I never played a game like the Super Smash bros series, and it came out for the N64.


You're probably right, though many people believe the Mario Smash Bros. series, is the "best game related to its genre."


Fair is fair, so people shouldn't get upset if ever Nintendo develops an Uncharted, Resistance, God of War, or an Legend of dragoon-esque, title for the Wii U.

MrDead2213d ago

Isn't this just a good way of showing off your exclusive characters?

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