The Walking Dead Game: Worth Buying?

The Walking Dead is a popular AMC TV show set in Atlanta, Georgia during a zombie apocalypse. People are absolutely crazy about this show, so much so, that they decided to release a game exclusively for the Xbox Live Arcade on Xbox 360. The game itself is released in 'episodes' and differs from the story we know and love on our televisions. It leads up to the story of sheriff Rick Grimes, and you may just run into a few familiar faces. I myself have not yet purchased the game, however I've played the demo and would agree with others when they say it's game-play is similar to that of old-school Resident Evil games. Without having explored more game content I can't say whether this is for everyone, but any true fan of the series will say it's totally worth a shot!

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TheGuyWho2047d ago

i enjoyed it, thought it was a pretty good game.

TheDareDevil2047d ago

It's on PSN and Steam as well

Tornadobounce2047d ago

Yeah it's worth it. I was sceptical but it was pretty sweet. Looking forward to the next episode. PS3

MysticStrummer2047d ago

I say hell yes it is, but I'm a fan of zombies in general, the Walking Dead graphics novels, and the Walking Dead TV show. Anyone who enjoys those things, or point and click adventures, or a game like Heavy Rain should give it a shot and download the demo. I eagerly await episode 2.