PSP E1000 coming in Classic White Color

Sony has announced a new Color for the latest PSP Model E1000 in Classic White.

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Nutsack1879d ago

Sighhhhhhh why isn't a white PSVita there yet? Or a white PS3?

They showed a black, silver and white PS3 at E3 2005, and the other colors never really were there besides Japan. Just drop that white PSVita already, the sales are slacking as hell, gotta get those sales up Slowny!

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MAJ0R1879d ago

Why would Sony do this when they have the PSVita?

GribbleGrunger1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

because it's not a race for Sony, it's about selling all your products. people really need to stop this obsession with 'beating' another console and think about Sony as a business. it's one thing SAYING that you have a ten year lifecycle, it's another PROVING it.

developers are more likely to carry on supporting a company if they know they WILL do as promised... and don't forget, any PSP games that are made will eventually be available for the Vita, Phones, laptops and pads.

PSN is Sony's focus now and distribution is key

Moentjers1879d ago

When you know Sony, they don't just ditch their products like others did before.

Sniperwithacause1879d ago


The PSPGO was nothing more than a test dummy to see how the consumers felt about a digital only gaming device.

GribbleGrunger1879d ago

Financialgamer, the PSPGo was just another iteration of the PSP. they just dropped a concept not a product

CommonSenseGamer1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )


Rubbish. Sony could get all the data they needed for digital only distribution by looking at itunes and google. The Go was a major failure because sony didn't and still don't know how to support digital only distribution.

Sony need to do an Apple and start focussing on just a few core products and doing those products well.

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Skateboard1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

Cause they make money off things they sell, I know the nerve of them.

Hicken1879d ago

Because not everybody's gonna jump from the PSP to the Vita. And until most of the PSP library is available for the Vita, people will want to replace their old PSPs if they break, or get something less advanced and expensive than the Vita for kids.

Because EVERY game probably won't be on the Vita- and because I have game saves that would be a pain to transfer over- I still want a PSP. Being able to buy a brand new one instead of a used model that some kid might have dropped in the toilet is great.

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blackbirdi1879d ago

after few years its will looks yellowish like all other consoles

NukaCola1879d ago

quit smoking in your house man

360GamerFG1879d ago

Smoke at a friend's house instead?

blackbirdi1879d ago

nope i don't smoke at all