Unveiling Porsche writes: As announced on March 5, Porsche is returning to Forza Motorsport on May 22. The Porsche Expansion Pack for Forza Motorsport 4 is more than just a DLC pack, it’s a rich gameplay enhancing experience based around one of the most heralded automotive brands in the world.

The Porsche Expansion Pack includes 30 incredible Porsches to add to your garage, race, collect, and customize as well as 20 new Porsche-themed career events. These events are all Porsche-centric and provide new track competitions aimed at giving Porsche lovers a multitude of new ways to appreciate their cars and Forza 4. Furthermore, expect to see Porsche models in the AI field in career events and integrated into the Forza 4 level reward structure.

The Porsche Expansion Pack for Forza Motorsport 4 will also include new Xbox LIVE Achievements (for a total of 250 Gamerscore points) all centered around Porsche. So, if you thought you had done everything in the game, think again, the P...

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BuffMordecai2046d ago

This is great news for Forza, but I wonder how much money they had to fork over to EA to seal the deal.

Hicken2046d ago

I dunno, but I'm both glad and sad Polyphony didn't do the same. I'd love to put a 911 GT3 through its paces at Daytona or Le Mans, but not at the cost of supporting EA while they're being greedy asses.

Forza_is_King2046d ago


Why do you care HOW the licensing was obtained? This in no other means would be a positive since the end user would be YOU.

I swear people say the dumbest of things.

Why would you care if PD or SONY paid EA for the Porsche license so that YOU as the gamer could play some of the best cars in the world in GT5?

glennco2046d ago

how does any money changing hands affect you? people on here got to put things in perspective and stop this idiotic fanboy war making them say stupid things

Me-Time2045d ago (Edited 2045d ago )

lol Forza_is_King

and glennco, no one ****ing brought up anything that'll ensue a fanboy war, except for Forza_is_King. We would prefer PD to spend part of their budget on other stuff.

Kaz has said in the past that Ferrari and Porsche were asking for too much money for them to get licences of their cars. GT5 already has Ferrari, so I wonder how expensive Porsche must be, especially considering EA of all developers were able to gain exclusivity of Porsche for a certain time. Why the hell would we want anybody paying EA? Why would PD care to pay off EA if GT5 is still selling at a faster rate than FM4 + Shift 2?

Forza_is_King said:
"Why would you care if PD or SONY paid EA for the Porsche license so that YOU as the gamer could play some of the best cars in the world in GT5?"

BECAUSE PD treated us with updates ever since GT5 released in November of 2010. They didn't release DLC the day after it released, because it would be unfair to the people that couldn't and wouldn't get DLC.

BOOHOO, so they had to release an unfinished game. They stuck with the game so long after release, you'd think people would understand by now that PD CARES about its players and fanbase.

Animal Mutha 762046d ago

Adding Porsche is good an' all but I already have 300 odd cars. How about some new tracks Turn 10????

Forza_is_King2046d ago


Getting Porsche is AWESOME!!!!

Don't listen to all the Sony/GT fanboys up top trying to down play this. There are PLENTY of tracks in Forza 4 and now not only does Forza continue to give the best diversity of cars than any other racing game released this gen, but Forza 4 will once again have Porsche's.

Thank you Turn 10 and Microsoft for giving car enthusiast's the best racing sim on the market this gen.

Me-Time2045d ago Show