IGN: Diablo in Five Minutes

Get caught up on the story of Blizzard's action-RPG franchise before starting Diablo III.

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Tonester9252235d ago

I never had the chance to play Diablo. Is it sort of like Champions and Gauntlet?

NeoTribe2235d ago

Its just like champions of norrath if that's the game ur talkin about. Its the king of that genre of game. If u like hack and slash rpgs then this is ur beast.

Tonester9252234d ago

Would i need a really good Gaming PC

NYC_Gamer2234d ago

Nope,Blizzard games are never really demanding when come to specs...

Trenta272234d ago

I want them to be sometime. SC2 was average spec wise. If they made a graphics intense game like Crysis or something, I have a feeling we'd be blown away.