Why Big Game Publishers Make Sucky Apps (Hint: It’s You)

Wired's Ryan Rigney writes, "The iOS version of the classic fighting game Marvel vs. Capcom 2, released on April 25, is riding high in the App Store sales charts. And it’s an utter mess of a game. But players will buy this lazy shovelware because they know the name of the game. And as long as crap keeps selling, publishers have no incentive to change their behavior."

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Snookies122417d ago

Yep, it's also why I choose to avoid smart phones. Just give me something I can call people with, and I'll use my Vita/PSP/DS/3DS/etc. Whatever for gaming, like it SHOULD be.

Chrono2417d ago

So the only things that can be done on a smartphone are making calls and playing games?

Snookies122416d ago

Lol, I never said it couldn't do other things. It's just that those other things can be done better elsewhere. I'm just saying I choose not to support that kind of gaming, because it's hurting the handheld market.

Baka-akaB2417d ago

"It’s You" should most of all include journalists and writers , wich have been shamelessly promoting and hyping those devices beyond reason .

As long as writers will share the deluded fantasy of , in this instance and ex, fighting games being as good on smartphones and tablet , that's the kind of lazy port you'll get and deserve .

Stop flattering the publishers , tear them a new one , and push for actually new content created specificially for those devices , instead of pretending them can efficiently replace them , because Tegra XXXXX allow better graphics .

The moment you settle with pansy stuff like "hey it's not bad FOR a phone/tab game" , you lower the standards . It's good on its own or it's not . That's not our problem if a dev did what he could with limited controls option , it's their job to do better .

radewagon2416d ago

Cheap cash-ins like the MvC2 port probably help raise revenue for the new IP's you desire.