Nintendo Power Reveals Sonic Chronicles, BioWare's Hedgehog RPG

On NeoGaf, The latest issue of Nintendo Power features a cover story and feature on BioWare's role playing game for the Nintendo DS that stars Sega's Sonic the Hedgehog. Details below:

-In game graphics have a water color look, all hand drawn
-4 party members at a time
-Each character can do certain things ex: Tails can float over things
-11 party members total - 7 known are Sonic, Tails, Amy, Knuckles, Rouge, Shadow, Big the Cat
-Control done fully with stylus - think Hourglass
-Able to split party into teams at certain moments
-Rings are used as currency
-No random battles, see enemies on the field
-Turn based battles, choose commands for everyone in your party before they actually follow through. Want battles to be fast paced
-Elite Beat Agents style special attacks
-Team attacks (like Chrono Trigger)
-"Fatigue Points" instead of MP
-Choose which attributes to increase when you level up
-Purchase and level special attacks
-2 acts - first takes place in standard Sonic areas. 2nd takes place in a darker world
-Remixed classic tunes
-"fully animated cut scenes"
-simple dialogue trees
-Side quests

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RecSpec3987d ago

But I wonder if they are trying to do too much in one game. I hope this game is good, been a Sonic fan as long as I've been playing games. There hasn't been a good game in my opinion since SA2 and that's stretching it. Hopefully this game is to Sonic as Super Mario RPG was to Mario.

Cyrus3653987d ago

I'd be interested in a GOOD sonic game, especially if it can capture some of the magic of Mario RPG, I liked that game.

Eamon3987d ago

Wheres the screenshots. Someone needs to scan screens from that Nintendo Power mag.

Now, TELL US TEH release date!

Salvadore3987d ago (Edited 3987d ago )

Will this title be Sonic's savior?

Azurite3987d ago

While I like both BioWare and Sonic it just feels weird them creating a Sonic game and all.

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