Ghost Recon: Future Soldier (Beta) Will Renew Your Faith In Shooters (2D-X)

The shooter genre, both first person and third, has become increasingly stagnant and over-saturated with perennial copy and paste titles. Ghost Recon is its savior.

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Regent_of_the_Mask2209d ago

No it won't. It's an extremely buggy beta (random freezes, really bad framerate drops, audio cutting out and repeating, etc). On top of that the game is just as bad as the GRAW games.

Even the final game will turn out bad as it's only 6v6, 4 online modes, matchmaking instead of server lists, and the Guerilla mode + the co-op mode don't even let you use matchmaking to find people.

MrMister2209d ago

Yeah man, even if you got rid of all the bugs in Future Soldier, is is still a boring game. It just doesnt have anything to offer that hasnt been seen in other games Whether they're 3rd or 1st person squad based shooters).

haggishurler2209d ago

It has loads of things to offer that have not been seen in other shooters, for instance the whole intel system is something completely new, what about the confidence system that makes it extremely rewarding to work as a team to capture objectives? There is also the gunsmith which is a great feature with gun customization which blows any shooter today out of the water, It is a beta and unfortunately it does have a few bugs, however if you are participating in it it is up to you to report them and help them be fixed instead of using them as a factor in your review of the game.

MrMister2208d ago

Read what "Regent_of_the_Mask" wrote below. I was about to write a whole essay about how Future Soldier is far from innovative (which is okay), and how it's intel system is borowed from MGO (metal gear online) yet does it in a way that is slow and borring. Alsoit takes idea's from battlefield 3, yet BF3 does it way better. Future Soldier can be seen as enjoyable by some (i guess), but as someone who's owned a lot of shooters this gen, I just dont see anything about it that would make me continue to play it. Even if u gave me a free copy, I would sell it. I wouldnt even give that trash to a friend for free. Better games have done what that game does--but better. Refer to "Regent_of_the_Mask" rant below to see what games those are.

brettyd2209d ago

GRAW was great, this game is crap.

suicidalblues2209d ago

@ regent

Wait, what? It's only 6v6? I don't have the beta and I guess I always figured it'd be 12 or 16v. 6v6 would totally be a deal breaker for me.

haggishurler2209d ago

The beta is 6 vs 6 with squads of three the final game however is 8 vs 8 with 4 man squads.

Regent_of_the_Mask2208d ago

The intel system isn't really something that's new at all as it was done in Metal Gear Online (it was also done better in that game; example: in MGO if you stun somebody, hack them, and shoot them then you won't be able to see the enemies around the map anymore while in GRFS it doesn't matter if you kill them afterwards as you can still see their outline across the map).

Confidence system has less to do with helping and your team and more to do about just being near them. You can go prone next to a sniper and rack up kill assists if they're good enough. Gun smith is ok but it also takes away being able to choose how you shoot on the fly like the older games and games like Battlefield. Now you have to constantly go to your loadout to see if you want to fire full auto, 3 shot burst, etc depending on if the gun supports it.

8v8 in the final game? Well, they PLANNED on it but they decided not to as the game lost too much of its tactical flavor so the final game will be 6v6 as well (you can make private rooms with games of 8v4 if you wanted to though).

At the very bottom...

"[UPDATE] How many players simultaneously in a MP match? (PALADIN_BS)
Answer: As a result of our playtests and the focus on a player's enhanced experience, the multiplayer will be up to 12 players. When playing with more than 12, the game lost too much of its tactical flavor."

Hicken2208d ago

I've enjoyed this beta a lot so far. I think people should ignore any and all posts by Regent above, as he seems to be hellbent on trolling EVERY game ever made.

LAWSON722208d ago

I and numerous friends have played the beta and none of us cared for it.