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Our thoughts for gaming’s biggest event.

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tweet752214d ago (Edited 2214d ago )

im hoping for metroid, mario and zelda games to be wiiu launch titles. That way nintendo can hit hard on launch day.

xflo3602214d ago

Im really feeling a metroid wii u reveal is gonna happen.
Maybe we will finally see mario 128 on wii u.

PopRocks3592213d ago

I'm still thinking F-Zero or Star Fox. And of course whatever Retro Studios has been developing (which of course could be one of those two franchises).

DytonicsGaming2214d ago

I hope they get black ops 2 and other great games to match the Ps3's system at launch

ronin4life2213d ago (Edited 2213d ago )

I'm personally expecting CoD to be on wiiu and 3ds this year.
Nintendo has stated that the western developers have re accepted the 3ds and that we will see the fruits of this at e3, and I see no reason why the wiiu would be left out in the cold if that's the case.

Samus HD2214d ago

I just hope they change the name :D

DytonicsGaming2214d ago

The name will not be changed... they're sticking with the name but I would just call it the Wii 2 as it is to replace the Wii...

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