Blu-ray Titles Up to 53% Off

The huge selection of movies includes a total of 229 titles from Disney, Fox, Sony and MGM. Titles available in the promotion include Pirates of the Caribbean 1-3, The Fifth Element (Remastered), Spider-Man: The High Definition Trilogy, Ratatouille, Cars, Close Encounters of a Third Kind, Casino Royale, Superbad and many more.

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Gordii3987d ago (Edited 3987d ago )

This is amazing i was looking to get Spiderman all 3 of them together and this price is a steal!

Just bought the Spiderman 3 Combo pack and now Fifth Element.

Ps. I was hoping the Combo'd Resident Evil all three of them together. T_T sadly would be nice to get half off on that too :D

TheTwelve3987d ago

Yep. At least we know that this isn't an act of desperation....


ReBurn3987d ago

Agreed. I paid $60 for the set at Sam's. I still think that it was worth it, but this is even better. And the 3 disc set also includes Spiderman 2.1, which is the director's cut of that movie. I actually like that version of Spiderman 2 better than the theatrical version.

Rice3987d ago

Does anyone know if hairspray is on Blu ray.

ReBurn3987d ago

Yes. The Special Edition is on Blu-ray.

Rice3987d ago

do u kno if they have them in Canada.

ReBurn3987d ago

I'm not sure. Wouldn't the version in the US work, though?

Antiomo3987d ago

Just that blu-rays are charged at a premium up here.

Just go to worst case scenario is youll be paying the same exact price after shipping but NO tax.

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Skerj3987d ago (Edited 3987d ago )

Wow that's like 229 coffin nails. Time to finally get some BR flicks that I don't own on DVD. I wish Casshern was put on BR already.

eagle213987d ago

Great Sale and great movies.

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The story is too old to be commented.