Modern Warfare 3 - No Old Maps Included in Paid DLC, Elite Clan Challenges Leaked

MP1st - Only new maps and missions will be released for Modern Warfare 3. Also, Modern Warfare 3 players might soon receive clan challenges according to a leaked page on Elite.

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ZeroX98762047d ago

I was waiting for the old maps to come back since since most of the new maps are far from great. The maps are just not doing the job compared to MW1 and MW2.

Now, I can finally sell this game with this confirmation and I'm just gonna wait for the next CoD title.

GraveLord2047d ago

But if they gave us old maps, it would only fuel the copy and paste comments of trolls.

I say keep MW3 maps new and original.

ZeroX98762047d ago

the rumor about getting the old maps for free would have been nice. But yeah, if they ever release something like an old map pack, it should be like 20 maps for 15 $ or something like this.

princejb1342047d ago

I was waiting for the old maps also
The new maps is the reason why I barely touch mw3