Street Figher Alpha and Rayman Next PS1 Games to PS3?

Via Ripten:

"What would you say if I said that Street Fighter was coming to your PSP? Or even that Rayman, that little guy with detached limbs, was jumping onto your portable machine? I think you'd be a tad surprised. Sony hasn't announced any such marriage, but from my snooping, I'd hazard a guess that both will be on your PSP very soon."

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Gaara_7243929d ago

aw all the memorys are coming back now lo

picker3323929d ago

Had a really good time with rayman,but i don't have a psp.
Why not just download it like a normal psn ps1 game?

games4fun3929d ago

they really need to step it up and get at FF's from playstation 1 in there preferably FFVII that would sell so well everywhere

Skerj3929d ago

Why didn't they just put Alpha 2 on there instead? It's far superior to the original and Capcom even wrote the first Alpha out of the SF canon.

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The story is too old to be commented.