30° Reviews: PS3 Unreal Tournament 3

I got some hands-on time with an early build of Unreal Tournament 3 back in early September. At that point, the game was already looking extremely polished, and had there not been so many other good games at Midway's Holiday Lineup Preview event, I would have put in hours on this game alone. Months later, and I'm finally playing the retail release. Read on to find out whether UT3 was worth the wait.

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Man when i first got this game i wasn't that impressed. But after my 360 died again this is all i've been playing and i have to tell you this games rocks hard. Love it the best things are the Mods there are so many already.If you own a PS3 this is a must own i suggest changing your settings to superwhite and change limited to full and this game will blow your socks off. Game on Gamer