Diablo III to sell 3.5 million copies this year, says analyst

Blizzard fans, after a long. long wait, will finally be able to pick up Diablo III in about a week and a half. The game is expected to put up solid numbers for Activision Blizzard, selling through several million copies, Sterne Agee analyst Arvind Bhatia said.

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Relientk771819d ago

I am one of those 3.5 million people who are buying it

Anon19741819d ago

Anyone know what's going on with the console versions of this or when we can expect to see them. I'm looking forward to giving this a shot but I'm not really into gaming on the PC. After sitting, staring at a PC screen 8 hours a day, I'm not in a big hurry to spend my free time in front of the PC as well. I'd rather relax on the couch, kick my feet up and relax.

Moncole1819d ago

Most probably won't come to consoles.

Perjoss1819d ago

Last news I heard about this was that the lead designer for the console team was temporarily moved onto the PC version of the game to help with finishing touches. He will likely go back to leading the console team whenever D3 PC goes gold.

aquamala1819d ago

Connect your pc to your tv with a hdmi cable, and use a wireless Xbox 360 controller

Patriots_Pride1819d ago

Funny how Activision get alot of hate when it concerns COD but they get love when it concerns Diablo and Blizzard.

Ducky1819d ago

Well, when it concerns CoD, they're releasing a game once every year.

When it concerns Blizzard, they're releasing a game once every 12 years.

Incipio1819d ago

Blizzard is concerned with consumer loyalty through quality gaming that is replayable for a decade.

Activision (who unfortunately owns Blizzard now), is concerned with earnings and is forced to release new CoD games all the time, else stagnation would certainly set in.

kevnb1819d ago

while they are part of the same company, the activision and blizzard are run separately.

KeiserSosay47881819d ago

Blizzard still has a say as to how they're run, unlike their other studios. Diablo is a BLIZZARD game NOT a Craptivision game.

NeoTribe1819d ago

Umm that's because blizzard has been making AAA titles for a long time and usually spends 10 years making a game rather than cods 1 year bs. Activision merging with blizzard is very new. The day blizzard starts shittin diablo and starcraft games out every year is the day I never buy a blizzard game again. Until then blizzard is one of the best along with valve.

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NYC_Gamer1819d ago (Edited 1819d ago )

I'm sure Diablo 3 numbers will surpass that.

thebudgetgamer1819d ago

Good make as much money as possible, then perhaps hook up us console guys up Witcher style and I will happily ad to that.

Mythicninja1819d ago

There are all kinds of other ARPGs too. Check out path of exile and the grim dawn kickstarter!

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The story is too old to be commented.