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games4fun3723d ago

lights and smoke is just too much just learn an actual instrument

HB-Sauce3723d ago

I don't think I would by some lights and a fog machine for a video game, especially for $100. Don't see alot of people buying this.

RecSpec3723d ago

A new contender has stepped into the ring, ready to fight for the "What the F*** Did I Buy This For" Title

Skerj3722d ago

I wanted to get Steel Battalion too but it screamed "RUN AWAY CHICKS!!" almost as much as a table full of painted Warhammer units. I just waited for my friend to get it anyway, saved myself 200 bucks.

Wile3722d ago

LOL, that is sooo true. Talk about the opposite of a chick magnet.

TheExecutive3723d ago

umm.... yeah.... I suppose its for a good laugh... right?

GrammarPolice3723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

the light display will only contain 2 of the 3 required parts to display all the available lighting effects. You can purchase another bundle to complete your set. It is rumored however, that Nyko and Mad Catz will develop third party lighting fixtures, but they won't be available until 6 months after the release of the bundle. In the meantime, you can find parts a la carte from Ebay, courtesy of hacks who bought a bundle and broke it up like an automotive chop shop.

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