EA’s “Accidental” Rock Band Threat: What It Could Mean for PC

Everyone’s undoubtedly seen the image that’s soared in raging popularity: “On May 31, ROCK BAND will no longer be playable on your device. Thanks for rocking out with us!” If you’re one of the thousands of mobile users who spent a fiver on the pocket-sized music app, then you know what sort of uproar EA caused with this message. The most hilarious part of this whole thing, though? EA quickly backpeddled and tried to make a lie on the fly, claiming the rather specific message was an “error,” and they’re “working to clarify the issue that caused the error.”

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Uncharted2Vet1970d ago

if EA was to just pull the plug on origin, i could see serious lawsuit action there. i don't think EA has the balls to do something like that. they'd be cannibalized by gamers and the media in general, the media would have a field day with something like that.

NYC_Gamer1970d ago

EA would be hit with massive lawsuits....

Solid_Snake371970d ago

This proves that EA doesnt take gamers seriously

adorie1970d ago

Hopefully they would migrate everyone to Steam by Valve's help. ;)

wishful thinking on my part.

1970d ago
kagon011970d ago

Since when games have expiration date? ludicrous...

TekoIie1970d ago

Whats with May 31st!!!! first demon souls and now this....

jerethdagryphon1970d ago

hence the problem of download only games

dumahim1970d ago

Yep. This is exactly why I want always want a physical copy.

You don't purchase the game. You purchase the right to play it. When the download service is gone, you're SOL if you ever lose your download for any reason (corruption, hardware failure, etc...).

Ducky1970d ago

You can just as easily loose your physical copy too then if it gets lost or damaged.

A digital version can still be saved on a physical medium or even in online storage. So you can still make a backup if the download service goes down.

Chrono1970d ago

hence the problem of download only **EA** games

Saryk1970d ago

If they give me full refunds, I can careless what the hell they do. But if they pull the plug on my games I would be very pissed and want payback!

TekoIie1970d ago

.... Now thats real optimism, I admire you :3

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