Alex Navarro Leaves GameSpot

The experienced editor leaves GameSpot following Frank Provo, Jeff Gerstmann and other.

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ChaosKnight3965d ago

... If either Brad Shoemaker or Ryan Davis leave next... that is it for me, lol. My favorite writers will be gone and Gamespot will have to looking for new talent both in writing and on broadcasting. You know, they will probably have some openings now. =)

niall773965d ago (Edited 3965d ago )

Cnet is to blame for all of this.

Read Franks blog after he left and how what score games get are now being picked as to not tick off marketing.

I expect more to leave.

PS: I hope they all go to the same place because they are all good reviewers who are clearly standing up them selfs even at the cost of there jobs.

prayforjoejoe3965d ago

I dont believe that. Man, I feel like Gamespot has finally fallen. Good luck replacing the only really good editor at that company. Sorry guys. Oh well, he will actually be able to get a job really fast I bet.

Farsendor13964d ago

ya know gamespot has turned into lamespot the reviewers even if they seemed biased just a little at times they where all awesome.

Farsendor13964d ago

his blog http://www.theheadofalfredo... read under where it says about the author jeff had a link to this on his blog.

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The story is too old to be commented.