RipTen Review: Mortal Kombat (Vita)

Michael Futter writes: Back in 1992, I was a freshman in high school and already firmly entrenched in gaming. Fighting games weren’t unfamiliar to me. Heck, Pit Fighter had been stationed in my local pizzeria for two years. Still, when I was riding the bus on the way to school one Monday as a friend described a game in which one fighter rips the spine out of another, how I could I not be intrigued?

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browland12209d ago

I have yet to pick up a Vita, but Mortal Kombat will likely be one of the first games I purchase. I was also playing the arcade game back in the early 90's and have fond memories of the hours (and mountains of quarters) blown on it. The console game from last year is excellent and I'm glad to see that it has transitioned well to the Vita.

Skateboard2209d ago

It's awesome man. There are sooo many unlockables and the gameplay is tight.

Vagrant2209d ago

I remember playing the first Mortal Kombat as a kid. Good times.