5 Nintendo Games that Should be Remastered for Wii U

Thankfully the good guys over at Sony decided one day that it would be cool if they re-released some of the best selling titles from the previous generation on their HD console in the PS3 and have brought gamers a ton of reasons to revisit some of the greatest classics in glorious HD.

With Nintendo's upcoming home console Wii U, Nintendo better be taking a page out of Sony's book and remaster some of their own classic franchises in stunning HD.

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Ramon3MR1482d ago

Mario Paint, Eternal Darkness.

Akuma-1482d ago

Aren't most games made on newer Nintendo platforms remastered games anyway

Relientk771482d ago (Edited 1482d ago )

The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker

and other Zelda games

frequentcontributor1482d ago

Wind Waker, for sure. I forget how good some of these games look through the Dolphin emulator. And ditto on Eternal Darkness, if only to perk up interest for a sequel.

Uncharted2Vet1482d ago

i kind of wish with the wii u nintendo would make wirless gamecube and n64 controllers specifically for use with these classic games.

TheDivine1482d ago

Mgs Twin Snakes, Wind Waker, Eternal Darkness, Star Fox Adventures, Tales of Symphonia, Baten Kaitos 1 and 2, Resident Evil Remake, Metroid Prime Trilogy and those are just the gamecube games they have a boatload of under-apreciated wii games.

Id love for gamecube games to come to the 3ds. Tales of the Abyss proved ps2/gamecube games can run on the 3ds just fine. Id die for the REmake, twin snakes, and metroid prime to be on the 3ds. After Abyss i think Symphonia is a safe bet also, its the fan favorite and nintendo fans know it well. Either way just keep the games coming Nintendo!

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