Sony may regret its victory in the video disc war

Times Online writes: "You could bet your house and family on Sony winning the format war. Blu-ray is not a massively more impressive product, but history has taught us that the best man does not necessarily win a standards battle: Betamax was better than VHS and Apple was better than Microsoft.

Moreover, this is a war that will be resolved by executives, not customers mooching around department stores. Blu-ray has a critical mass of studios backing it and that will drive others to line up behind the format.

However, and here comes the second forecast, despite Blu-ray's imminent victory, decades from now there will still be some nerds banging on about the superiority of HD DVD.

Should you think this unlikely, I proffer this incredible fact from the Los Angeles Times: Sony abandoned its Betamax product line only in 2002. That's six years ago. And some twenty years after it lost the war against VHS!"

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xplosneer3991d ago

If this comes true, what happens to Toshiba?

ReBurn3991d ago

I don't think that Toshiba has all of its eggs in the HD-DVD basket. They're involved in a ton of other consumer electronics, with the Cell microprocessor as an example. My guess is that if Blu-ray wins we'll ultimately be seeing Toshiba-branded Blu-ray players.

TANOD3991d ago

i dont get it.

who is approving these SPAMMING stories?

ruibing3991d ago

As long as the remaining studios switch sides soon, thus ending the format war, I highly doubt Sony will regret its victory. They are in the key position to benefit from the patents, licensing, and royalties for Blu Ray.


I don't think any of these companies are betting it all on the format war, but Sony has more to gain due to it being the head of the BDA and having its own studios being able to benefit from it.

stunt2133991d ago

ummm why would they regret a victory???

xplosneer3991d ago

Yeah I know that's the point. If Blu Ray wins I can't imagine Sony would be in worse shape than Toshiba, because they have a lot of stuff in the same catagory. Computers, TV's, DVD players, etc.

Play B3yond3991d ago

Obviously this is the title and a few sentences then do you ever regret a victory?Ive never won something that i regret...defenitely sum1 desperate 2 find something to counter Sony for winning the format war so they type in Sony regrets format war victory in google and luckily found somethin...thats all it is.

BrianC62343991d ago

Is this guy serious? Come on, stop writing crap people. Sony won't regret winning the HD format war. I can't believe the tripe being written on the Web. Did this guy get paid to write this thing?

smitty3990d ago

So why would Sony regret winning the format war? This title is misleading. I do think all the people who bought the x-box HD-DVD add-on are regretting it. Now they have another soon to be brick cluttering their A/V shelf.

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HarryEtTubMan3991d ago

lol yea they put BLu Ray in a year ago... it has won in the first freaking year... and now they regret it? This article FAILS.

Hatchetforce3991d ago

The only people that regret Bluray winning are the HD DVD Group and Microsoft.

And the people that still rail on about Betamax live in trailers and are regularly kidnapped by aliens for various types of anal experiments.

Lord Anubis3991d ago

with their services ready to be revealed at the Game Developer's conference I don't think it will catch them unsurprised. We are a long way from downloadable content. There is no standard and with Digital Rights it could get crazy. However the industry is moving away from DRM at least is believed it is. There are still 8 more years before we push downloadable content. As gamers we will be the ones to push such services.

ReBurn3991d ago

Moving away from DRM? That's what HDCP over HDMI is all about, and that's some of the latest technology available to consumers. I think that the terminology and messaging around digital rights management is changing to make it seem more consumer-friendly, but it certainly isn't going away.

mighty_douche3991d ago (Edited 3991d ago )

oh dear, these DVD articles are getting really poor and really f*cking boring!

Go look at some Resistance2 scans!

tethered3991d ago (Edited 3991d ago )

I'm sick of them too.

Let it go until Toshiba comes out publicly and really 100% claims they give up.

Until then lets just play our games and enjoy what Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo have provided us. Great games, great online and great interaction with games. We all win in the end, no matter where you fall in the gaming world.

If you like it and many, many other people like it, It can't be all bad, can it?

By the way, give me some Resistance 2!

beoulve3991d ago

pure sour loser. Mark my words, Sony may well regret its victory in the video disc war. Then die, then no one care and remmember his word anymore