Schappert: "Social and mobile games ARE harming console biz"


Forget the recession: our depressed retail market is thanks to pressure from free apps and mobile games.

That’s according to one of the US’ most influential games execs, John Schappert, who just a year ago was a key figure at EA. He also once ran Xbox Live – but has since defected to social games giant Zynga.

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Flatbattery1995d ago

Well he would say that while he's working for Zynga.

Now, if what he says is true and we'll see less and less big budget games then I'll have no choice but to choose another hobby.

ElementX1995d ago

I disagree with his statement. The people playing social and mobile games aren't generally the type of people who are into console gaming. It's a different market.

majiebeast1995d ago

I would never ever trade my console's in to play shit like farmville.

kesvalk1995d ago

it's hurting the console market because ppl still uses paleolithic methods in the industry.

manman61994d ago

It harder to keep players interest in mobile games for a long period of time. They are good for a month or so but get boring really quick. While console gaming, depending on the game, usually contain a lot of content the keep players playing for longer than a few days.

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