White Knight Chronicles II: D3 Publishers Closes The Door On Additional DLC

Sad news for fans still actively playing the second installment to Level-5′s online rpg, White Knight Chronicles II.

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TGF_Zero1993d ago

Maybe for the third installment they will put more DLC
If there is one

Akuma-1993d ago

I'm hoping wkc and wkc 2 is ported to the vita. It'd be nice to get a new one for the vita also

Godmars2901993d ago

Maybe for a third installment they could do an actual story with actual characters, not just placeholders.

Tdmd1993d ago

They already said there won't be a third installment. Which I find a shame, for I really like it.

ritsuka6661993d ago

Time for Dark Cloud 3 Level 5...

TheTwelve1993d ago

My biggest disappointment of this gen.

Godmars2901993d ago

If only they had done something - ANYTHING! - with your character besides making them an ignored 5th wheel who had no real business to be there. Applied all of the old silent protagonist jokes to them. Make then motion as if to say something as a scene fades out then have the main characters referring to what "you" said later.

What would have been really great is to have you as a flirt who gets hit on every notable NPC in each village or town you go to. Have scenes play out differently depending on chosen sex, or go that one extra step and even let "you" go gay.

Summons751993d ago

I actually thought the idea of not being the hero in the story was a great concept, the fact that the story didn't revolve around you and you were actually observing as the plot progressed. I think they did it quite well which made the story enjoyable instead me being the hero going "why the hell am I doing all this?"

jc485731993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

sigh...I'm glad they're trying to push this series, but i rather see something more spectacular. The chances of WK3 making it overseas may eve be more slim.

Dear Sony,

you can't avoid it. announce Legend of Dragoon 2 already.