Halo Double Pack Launches Today

Microsoft Studios has today launched an unexpected treat for Halo fans and casual acquaintances of the franchise alike. A new double pack is available now, offering a significant saving to Xbox 360 gamers yet to purchase Halo Reach and Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary.

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TGF_Zero1517d ago

That;s a pretty sweet deal

Fishy Fingers1517d ago

Why don't you click the link and find out eh?!

MiamiACR211517d ago

64 bucks everyone. No sense to click a "Link".

TheXgamerLive1516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )

you mean 59.99. The regular price for games. no sence to read your post.

haha jk.

Frankfurt1517d ago (Edited 1517d ago )

Even if you're not a fan of shooters (i'm not), it's worth it, Even if for the campaigns alone.

The sandbox feel and the super-sharp, clean fidelity of everything are nice, too (which is funny, as with Halo 4 they seem to be lowering the texture quality for the sake of making the graphics more up-to-date, like Crysis 2 or BF3).

Adexus1517d ago

From the screenshots they have released they've significantly improved the textures of Halo 4.

ChunkyLover531517d ago

Wow, that is a great deal. I already own both games, but this is perfect for those that haven't played through these gems yet.

TekoIie1517d ago

Ooooh its a good deal but £40 for 2 games that i could buy seperatly for cheaper, its better to hold off on this for while IMO. Unless we get all the dlc on the disc but the article does not confirm that...

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