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With the addition of digital downloads, we’ve seen a number of interesting attempts at making an amazing game. The latest attempt is Awesomenauts by Ronimo games, who found moderate success with Swords and Soliders. By taking quirky designs and combining it with online chaos, it sounds like a recipe for a good time. However, just because it named “Awesomenauts” it could also be will it be known as “Awesomenot” too.

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Nodoze1995d ago

This game is TERRIBLE. It should be reviewed by game developers as an example of what NOT to do. It is no fun at all.

Shame really because the intro was great and I thought it might be half decent (got it for free). I immediately deleted it after less than 15 minutes of play through. It is that bad.

admiralvic1995d ago

The thing I don't get is why the game got so many high scores? The game has the most uninspired level design I've ever seen and so little to do.

Seventh_Blood_Reborn1995d ago

Probably the most slower action game ever!

Also it takes around 20 seconds if not more every time to respawn XD

jukins1995d ago

guess people arent into strategy + teamwork type games lol. this is not an action shooter or platformer and should not be played as such. You actually have to plan attacks and use your skills that you buy wisely. but of course this gen if you cant just "aim down the scope" lock on and shoot and win its boring. . . .

im having fun with the game pretty much a carbon copy of league of legends but still its fun.