Blu-ray pulls ahead of HD DVD, but old discs will stick around

Mike Musgrove writes: "Don't throw out the DVD collection yet. There's a lot of talk about high-definition technology rendering everything else obsolete."

"But it will be a while before high-definition edges out the standard DVD. All things television are moving toward high-definition. That means there are new TV sets, new special channels and new video players promising crisper pictures."

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Should'nt N4G { ban } GoldTeeth****** altogether for using the "n" word even if he/she say's what he/she actually is or not?

What do you think, make him/her change their nametag?

As for the matter of keeping your old dvd's, for now it's still a yes even if you already own an HDTV.
One, it's still the cheapest and most available format while HD-DVD, Blu-Ray disc have'nt got the number of titles available also it's ( still ) an expensive investment for your collection.

Antiomo3965d ago

But there is a transition.

Dvd went through the same phase but with litterly no competition.

Blu-ray will go through the same phase...... xbots will go on and on saying blu-ray is not being picked up fast enough ..... yet they defeneded hd-dvd to death... Now that blu-ray is prevailing xbots are quick to jump on the digital distribution band wagon....

LOL that is a format in itself and as seen its not even getting close to mainstream.

In the end of the day hd media is slowly gaining market share and dvd is dropping in sales. Hence sign of things to come.

Agent VX3965d ago

Nobody credible is saying that Bluray now won't win the format war. It's just that Bluray will never, ever, be as big as DVD was.

Now that Bluray has won, I will wait at least until 2009 to either buy a standalone player or PS3, when they are cheaper. As for now, upconverting DVD players, software and Blockbuster, pay per view HD over satallite is all I need until prices drop alot more.

ReBurn3965d ago

You know, I really like to give out bubbles as positive feedback. I really do. Antiomo started out well with his comment, then quickly deteriorated into fanboy nonsense with the "xbot" crap. I hate the "fandroid" stuff, too.

DVD is going to remain in play for a long time. There's no compelling reason for the mass market to adopt HD discs since there are upscaling DVD players that do such a good job with upscaling standard DVD's. It won't be until those go away and studios stop producing standard DVD's that we'll see better adoption of the HD formats.

LoydX-mas3965d ago

There are two MAJOR differences:

1.DVD players worked on every EXISTING tv.

Blu-ray/HD-DVD require an HDTV......meaning the consumer has to make a huge purchase before even thinking of high-def media.


Most consumers will not be able to justify paying hundreds more for a high-def player(that requires the appropriate high-def disc) when a brand new upscaling machine is in the sub-$100 range and gives a "close enough" picture and uses their existing discs.

--Now I don't agree that upscaling is even in the same boat as Blu-ray/HD-DVD picture and sound quality, but most of the time it does come down to cost and perceived value.

LJWooly3965d ago (Edited 3965d ago )

I think it's annoying that HD-DVD won't just die, because there'll still be the confusion amongst those who anren't completely informed about HD video, so they may still decide to choose the worst format (HD-DVD) and will end up by getting the crappy deal.

So, when these companies start moneygrabbing (as usual) and continue to find ways to keep this stupid 'format war' going, consumers lose out.
It's never going to end, but we'd all be better off if it did.

I also have a funny picture I got off the guy who has an avatar of a man with two eggs on his face:

LoydX-mas3965d ago

Two things:

How can spending $130 for a player and getting 10 free movies be a "crappy deal"? If you do the math right, that means you would recieve almost $400 of product for $130. That seems like an awsome deal!

So your second comment about "money grabbing" seems to apply to Blu-ray as well since I assume that Blu-ray companies will want to make a profit on this new format of theirs.

LJWooly3965d ago (Edited 3965d ago )

Maybe so, but without the competition of HD-DVD (despite how weak it is) Blu-Ray would be cheaper, and no one would be confused on which format to choose (not everyone is 100% informed when it comes to HD video, most people just go for the cheapest) and everyone would therefore be a winner.

But that hasn't happened.

And the format war drags on, the dead horse still beaten repeatedly.

You cannot honestly tell me that HD-DVD is doing anything good for the industry, it hasn't gave us any sort of significant technological advancements, and it really has no advantage over Blu-Ray, at all.

Also, as to your previous comment, "Blu-ray/HD-DVD require an HDTV..."
That isn't true, you can watch Blu-Ray or HD-DVDs on an SDTV, you just won't be getting the most out of it.

LoydX-mas3965d ago (Edited 3965d ago )

1)Are you actually trying to tell me that Blu-ray player prices would have dropped FASTER without the competition of HD-DVD? That is laughable. You obviously know nothing about economics and supply and demand.

Ex: When a product is not increasing in sales, the price must drop to spure sales. The PS3 is a prime example. It's sales did not take off until the price dropped and the $399 pricepoint came out.

2)The big advantage HD-DVD had/has over Blu-ray is the ability to provide HD and SD on the same disc, thereby allowing the consumer not to have to "double-dip" a movie purchase.

3)Also, why would anyone go to the trouble of purchasing a Blu-ray/HD-DVD player if they didn't have an HDTV to watch it on? Oh yeah, unless you are buying a PS3 and don't actually CHOOSE to go with Blu-ray.
(that is the big difference between the formats, choice.)

Besides putting a Blu-ray drive in the PS3 was Sony's big gamble and it seems like it may have paid off. (Until Sony gets out of debt for all of the costs involved.)

LJWooly3965d ago (Edited 3965d ago )

I didn't mean if HD-DVD hadn't existed at all, I mean Blu-Ray would have dropped in price if HD-DVD died NOW.

And don't tell me I know nothing, we're all wrong sometimes, in case you didn't know.

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