G4TV | Meet the Elder Scrolls Online Main Villain: Molag Bal

The Elder Scrolls Online was announced earlier this morning, and while Bethesda was scant with the details of the game, we do know that it will be an MMO for PC and Mac featuring three factions, and it's due out in 2013. The Elder Scrolls Online will take place a thousand years before the events of Skyrim. We don't know anything about the gameplay mechanics or the factions, but we do know that the main villain in the game is a daedric prince named Molag Bal. You can see him, in statue form, above. Just who is this evil creature, and how might he figure into The Elder Scrolls Online? I dug into Elder Scrolls lore (via The Elder Scrolls Wiki) and have put together a dossier on Molag Bal.

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