The Truth About Lost Odyssey and More

Andy Groen writes: "Keeping up with a game throughout its development can be difficult. There's always rumors and speculation about gameplay feature x and the involvement of company z. Keeping up with the rumors isn't so hard, if you read the daily gaming news, but figuring out which of them were debunked and which were factual can be quite a chore for even the most attentive gaming news hound."

"That's why we decided to take this opportunity to sort out exactly what you can expect to see in the imminent RPG opus from Mistwalker Studios, Lost Odyssey."

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dale13993d ago

it was a flop in japan wasn,t it

lodossrage3993d ago (Edited 3993d ago )

As did blue dragon. But I bought blue dragon anyway. It is a damn good game. It didn't do anything new genre wise. But it was a worthwhile solid game.

From what some opinions say, Lost odessey is also a solid experience. The videos from the gameplay looks old fashion turn based with a touch of the old legend of dragoon attack timing system.

I play my ps3 much more. But for rpg games, I buy those no matter what system they come out on. It is possible that this game flops in the U.S. especially since blue dragon was considered a flop. But to me, a flop is a matter of personal opinion. One man's flop is another man's treasure.

Blue dragon was considered a flop. But let me tell ya, I had a fun time playing that "flop"

Says you3993d ago

game its trying to be like Final Fantasy series.

socomnick3993d ago

Your English hurts my brain.

GUNS N SWORDS3993d ago (Edited 3993d ago )

they were all pretty good but FF7 and FF8 was his best work.

BTW blue dragon looks, feels, and sounds to close to FF7 (original not the new FF7).

ngg123453993d ago

Lost Odyssey from what I've been playing is terrible. Boring, dull, and repetitive is the least I could complain about this game. In all, I am stating that Blue Dragon >>>>>>> Lost Odyssey in everyway

Skerj3993d ago

Wow BD > LO? I hated BD and was hoping to like LO, I'll still pick it up even though what you just said was part of my fears all along. I watched the video of Sakaguchi playing the game at TGS and it looked very dull and generic, I hope it picks up.

IntelligentAj3993d ago

I am hoping that this game is great. Hell I was gonna buy a 360 for this game alone(Oblivion really isn't my cup of tea). Just seeing the trailers was enough but i'm seeing some bad news about the game. I just hope it's as good as it looks.

wh0am13993d ago

I WAS looking forward to it when it was first annouced.
But as time went on my interest has waned despite all the videos and info.

I just lost interest somewhere along the way and I'm not even sure why...

Hentai3993d ago

blue dragon does not look, feels, and sounds to close to FF7. It's okay though, you were born in 1997.

GUNS N SWORDS3993d ago

and i have the game and you don't.

every thing is quite close to FF7 even down to the side quests.

even when you finally get to pilot the mechat it's just like when you finally get to pilot the highwind in FF7, piratically the same.

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The story is too old to be commented.