ButtonMasher Review: Prototype 2

Gage Cloutier of reflects on his time playing Prototype 2 over the last two weeks.

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MPGamersheep1996d ago

In my opinion, I wouldn't call "No Multiplayer" a negative. Maybe "No replay value" if there isn't any, but I don't expect games to have multiplayer and then call it a negative if they don't. It's fine to wish it had multiplayer, I just wouldn't let the fact that it doesn't affect the score.

BtnMshrTV1986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

You merely read the bullet point. In the full review where I elaborated on my opinion on the matter, I said "The majority of the time, I am an advocate against single-player only games having multiplayer implemented (Mass Effect 3, BioShock 2, Dead Space 2, etc.), but from nostalgically remembering how much enjoyment I got out of other sandbox co-op games, such as Saints Row 3 and Crackdown 2, the idea grew on me progressively as I played more of Prototype 2. However, I am not upset with Radical's decision to keep it single-player only because as I said before, the narrative is greatly improved and developers risk the quality of the storytelling at the expense of implementing a cooperative element."

What I essentially wanted to convey in that portion of the review was that I wasn't deducting any point value from the overall score I awarded it for lacking a multiplayer component because I applauded Radical's attempt at emphasizing a stronger narrative this time around. I merely mentioned it because it kept occurring to me while playing it how if multiplayer can be justified for games like BioShock 2 and Dead Space 2 (which were dreadful), then it could without a doubt be justified for Prototype and could have the potential of turning out great.

In short: an 8.5 was about as high as I could possibly justify whether it had MP or not, my other cons about the game allude as to why that is.