'Halo 4' questions on Forge, dedicated servers and female Spartans answered

XMNR: Halo 4 Creative Director Josh Holmes took to a Game Informer podcast on Thursday night to answer fan questions about 343 Industries’ upcoming Xbox 360 blockbuster. He provided some answers on questions like Forge, dedicated servers and whether or not players will be able to create female Spartans.

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Laxman2029d ago

Look forward to seeing what they come up with for Forge this time around. Reach's will be hard to beat.

DasTier2029d ago

Reach's forge while it gave you a lot more control over placement and phasing, was a large disappointment. Sandbox over Forge world any day of the week, a lot of the fun from halo 3's forge was removed. Going on sandbox with a group of friends to make "castles" was no where near as fun due to them removing most of the movable blocks and giving you to many preset buildings

EZMickey2029d ago

Ok, like, Sandbox was cool in itself but it really was only one element of Forge. Reach's Forge, for me, topped Halo's in terms of Scale. You could properly create your own maps to a near limitless scale.

Hopefully we get to see Sandbox make a comeback, but I'd be more excited to see a new map just for Forging.

DasTier2029d ago

Both Sandbox and forge world would have each been infinitely better if you had the option to choose a theme for the entire map via the menus. (Desert, Arctic, Grassy, etc)

tigertron2029d ago

"Dedicated servers have been a popular requested feature for Halo games but there are no plans for them with Halo 4. 343 Industries says its netcode is “phenomenal” and adding dedicated servers would essentially be extra work at this point."

*sigh* Big mistake 343i. Well, atleast the rest sounds awesome.

TekoIie2028d ago

Halo only suffers in connection when a player quits though. Otherwise i dont really think i can find many issues with the connection although dedicated servers would always be a great addition to the game :)