PS3 Lost Planet Gets Luka as an Exclusive Playable Character

Gaming Today writes:

"I guess Capcom is looking for a way to entice PS3 owners who haven't played Lost Planet yet on either the Xbox 360 or PC. The PS3 version of the game will allow you to play as Luka, the female lead from the game. Yeah, not the greatest bonus character ever, that's for sure. Especially when there's already pantsless Frank West and Mega Man available as playable characters. No word yet on if she lives on the second floor, upstairs from you."

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picker3323992d ago

is someone even gonna rent this game?

name3992d ago

Lmao @ Elite ghost. Exactly what I was thinking.

cmrbe3992d ago

Capcom needs more than this to get the PS fans to buy this game as let alone forgiving them for the crap they put PS fans through. They will come crawling back soon enough.

Ri0tSquad3992d ago

Resistance 2? 8 player coop/60MP battles running at 60fps? Yeah thats what I'm talking about.

games4fun3992d ago

that was a WTF moment when i read that headline i now consider insomniac my favorite developer how in the world do they keep making these awesome games so fast?

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The story is too old to be commented.