Ragnarok Odyssey and Orgarhythm coming to North American Vitas

Gamesradar: This evening at an event held by XSEED, it was announced that the publisher will be bringing both Ragnarok Odyssey and the oddball music strategy game, Orgarhythm, to North America.

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Snookies121758d ago (Edited 1758d ago )

Man I love Xseed so much... They bring all these games over that we'd never have a chance to play being outside of Japan. On a side note though, please, please, please, bring Corpse Party Book of Shadows over here!

WetN00dle691758d ago


jujubee881758d ago

Get those thumbs ready!

Cloudberry1758d ago

Xseed should also get localization of Tales of Innocence R too.

Bamco's too slow on this.

Baka-akaB1758d ago

Thing is namco wont give such control to anyone else , or would probably ask for a lot

Skateboard1758d ago

This is going to be my first Monster Hunter type game.

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