The Future is Going to Suck

And I don’t just mean because you’re going to lose your hair and put on a few pounds – here’s why gaming is set to get a lot worse. - PSLS

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Sev2147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )

I'll take all the innovation I can get.

knifefight2147d ago

Me too. I want new methods of making you pay more and fancy ways of making sure you only use your games in 1 console ever. :D

jrbeerman112146d ago

also every game after 2013 will be an MMO.

CarlosX3602147d ago

They lost me on the first point where the writer says that Sony can't take a risk anymore... Uh. I dunno about you, but PSVita IS risky. I don't think Sony is going to hold back next gen, especially when it has to compete with Wii U and XboxNext.

smashcrashbash2147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )

Yeah that is pretty strange seeing that Sony has taken more risks with games then Nintendo and Microsoft combined. Nintendo basically just digs up the past and reuses the same character over and over again and Microsoft only takes risks with games when they are Xbox Live or indie games.

Sony has so far took risks with Demon Souls, Heavy Rain, LBP, Infamous,Last of Us, Last Guardian and Motorstorm, all games that could have or might be easily rejected completely and become complete failures in score or sales.Not to mention they are taking the risk of making PASBR, LBP Karting and MP for GOW despite all the hate and scorn they are getting from doing it.

So how is Sony not risk taker again?

Outside_ofthe_Box2147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )

He was saying Sony can't afford to take risks with the PS4 because they are in debt not that they don't currently do, but the funny thing about that is that the PlayStation division is profitable for Sony.

He's blaming the cell for the reason why Sony was selling the PS3 at a huge loss, but that was also due to blu-ray... That is why he's saying that Sony can't take a risk with their next console and is using the rumored PS4 specs as proof... lol

The author claims that the PS4 will be an unimpressive PC based of the specs, but if Sony goes that route I can understand why, which kinda took me a while to see. I think Sony has learned that power isn't all that if developers don't know how to use it.

Look no further than this gen as an example. Multiplat games have generally looked better and preformed better on the 360 despite the PS3 being more powerful. Developers are more comfortable with the 360 than the PS3, thus Multiplat games look better on the 360.

If the rumored spec are true then that means Sony is going with the notion that they feel that developers can make better looking and better preforming games on their console despite not being more powerful than their competitors because ALL developers will be already familiar with it, thus know all the ins and outs as oppose this gen where it is basically only their first party studios that where fully utilizing the PS3(which they have done an impressive job doing so).

That's just my take. I really do hope that Sony tries to make a powerful console that devs can still be comfortable with.

GraveLord2147d ago

See you online in Black Ops 2!

alexcosborn2147d ago

Gaming was so much better when I was 12...

cpayne932147d ago

Wasn't just about everything?

doctorstrange2147d ago

I hate some of the things that are growing like F2P and Kinect :(

dbjj120882147d ago

If you buy it, they will... develop... new ideas?

Y_51502147d ago

Yeah but what's awesome about the future is that we are going to see awesome new games!

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The story is too old to be commented.