The Recent History of Unexpected Multiplayer

God of War: Ascension isn't the first game with an unexpected multiplayer mode thrown on. Lets look at recent surprise multiplayer modes, see if the multiplayer itself was good, and see if the single player took a hit at all in the process.

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Cajun Chicken2049d ago (Edited 2049d ago )

Uh...I don't think the length of Dead Space 2 was cut short, nor faster than the first game.

cpayne932049d ago

Well they do say "if at all" so its implied that the length was practically the same.

I'm suprised they didn't mention Uncharted 2.

WestenShelton2049d ago

Personally just didn't think it was all too unexpected. It was pretty heavily requested after the first game.

Also, for me, I played Dead Space 2 on a harder difficulty than I did Dead Space 1 and I still beat it in about an hour less time. Which really isn't a big deal, but I felt it was worth mentioning. I've talked to some people who also beat it in less time, and others who beat it around the same, so I guess it varies on skill level. I played Dead Space 1 3 times, so I guess I got pretty good at it.

Thanks for the comments!

turgore2049d ago

Unlike 90% of all other games, Uncharted 2 had a fantastic multiplayer.
It is unfortunate that most games have a crap MP mode - for example Bioshock 2. Filled with lag and awkwardness.

cpayne932049d ago

@WesternShelton That's true, somehow I forgot about the unexpected part. Its just a good example of how adding multiplayer doesn't nececarily hurt the single player.

MiamiACR212049d ago

The whole "Mutiplayer affects the Singleplayer!" nonsense is overblown, because it's just that; nonsense. In lower budget games, where two to ten people are working on a game with a singleplayer and mutiplayer component, while working with a two year release window? Then sure, I can see how the one might affect the other. Big company's, or company's in general who know what they're doing, have separate teams that work on the Singleplayer and Mutiplayer side of things.

The new God of War game will NOT be affected because of it's Co-op component. If anything it will add to it's replay value.

smashcrashbash2049d ago

It comes from the assumption that because one company did it that it automatically means that another company will do the same thing. Because of the constant half @$$ed job many companies have been doing with the SP these days people are already expecting everyone to follow suit thus the scrutiny against Sony Santa Monica despite the fact that they said that SP would still be focused upon.

Gamers these days are like the lynch mobs in the Old West.No matter what you say they insist on destroying a game before listening to all the facts or waiting to see how it goes. Look at PASBR. People already have condemned it without actually playing it or seeing if it is an improvement over SSB.It's already a bad idea and is doomed to fail despite many sites saying they actually played it and it is more then just simply a rip off.

L30N4KU2049d ago

what about Assassin Creed II?

WestenShelton2049d ago

AC2 didn't have multiplayer. Brotherhood did.

And Brotherhood was developed by a separate branch of Ubisoft than the guys who made the single player, which is why it wasn't included.

Y_51502049d ago

They forgot Uncharted 2! That multiplayer is my favorite unexpected one!